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Brand name Louis Vuitton
Brand Status Rank Rank B
Type Musette
Line Diagonal hanging
Model Number M51256
Target Women 's
Serial AS0999
Width Approx. 31.5cm
Height About 35cm
Depth About 10cm
Material Monogram
Notation color Brown
Comments For used goods, there is a feeling of use such as cracks and cracks in the strap, cracks and stains on the strap, stains and stains on the nume leather, overall sle and wounds, dirt and fluff, stamp marks, rust, small wounds, life odors, etc. on metal fittings.
Accessories No
Inner pocket 1 open pocket
Note Depending on your monitor environment, the actual color and color may look different.
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偽物排除のために BUYSELL brandchée が取り組んでいること

About Lank

  • Unused article
  • The new old article that the point that is not outstanding does not approximately have a stain, the dirt either, and the state is very good
  • The used goods that little usability includes a wound or a dirt of the pettiness, but the state is very good
  • The used goods that some wounds are seen, but the state is good
  • The used goods which there is usability generally, and a wound or a dirt are seen in
  • The used goods which the use is possible, but influence is given to in the appearance by a wound and a dirt
  • The state that awfully aches. Please inflect in uses such as the part collecting


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偽物排除のために BUYSELL brandchée が取り組んでいること