The most important checkpoint when handling branded products is "not counterfeit."

It is absolutely unacceptable to accidentally sell a fake to an important customer who uses Bisel Blanche.
In order to thoroughly detect the counterfeit products that are elaborately made every day, after thoroughly checking by the "authentication specialist", we sell only the products that meet the sales standards of Bisel Blanche only within the criteria.

For those who feel uneasy or doubts, "What if it was a fake..." "Are all the products within the standards?", we would like to introduce Bisel Blanche's original authenticity assessment efforts.

What is a "counterfeit" in the first place?

At Bisel Blanche, fake branded products are called "non-standard products".
Non-standard items are those that are not manufactured within the standards of a genuine brand and are manufactured illegally.

If you see something that is clearly different from the original design, such as "the typeface of the engraving of the brand logo has changed" or "the thread seams are not uniform", it may be a nonstandard item.
However, in the brand market in recent years, there are also super-made, non-standard products called “super copy”.

It's so complete that it's almost impossible for ordinary people to tell, for example, using the exact same materials as a real brand.
At Bisel Blanche, we conduct thorough authentication to thoroughly detect such non-standard items.

What is Bisel Blanche's authenticity check system?

At Bisel Blanche, an experienced person with a long history of appraisal, called a "specialist," performs the authenticity check.
Branded products are carefully evaluated a total of three times before being sold at Bisel Blanche.
Of course, all of our specialists are responsible for this.

  • First authenticity check

When purchasing from a customer who wants to purchase a brand, the buyer at the site is the customer
When assessing goods

  • Second authenticity check

When the cooling-off deadline has passed


  • Third authenticity check

When to start selling at Bisel Blanche

In addition, we have established a more accurate check system by regularly performing authenticity checks by non-standard product judges.

What is Bisel Blanche's original "specialist training program"?

In order to develop specialists in authenticity assessment, Bisel Blanche conducts regular training and training.

We are aiming to unify the knowledge of buyers and specialists, regardless of whether they are new or veteran, by converting the data accumulated for nonstandard products into images.

In addition, as a sample for teaching materials, we actually conduct lectures using non-standard items of various brands, and we share in detail the real points of authenticity discrimination that cannot be understood from the materials alone.

Information is updated in cooperation with Japan Distribution Voluntary Management Association

Bisel Blanche belongs to "Japan Distribution Voluntary Control Association (abbreviation: AACD)", a private organization for the purpose of preventing and eliminating the distribution of counterfeit products and illegal products in the parallel import product market.

Being a member of AACD has the advantage of sharing the latest nonstandard information.
We are also actively participating in training conducted by a third-party organization in order to immediately respond to nonstandard items that are rapidly changing in the brand market.

By not only relying on in-house non-standard product data, but also by collecting a wide range of information from third-party organizations, we are constantly striving to update the latest non-standard product information.
Therefore, it is possible to reliably sell products within the standards to customers who use Bisel Blanche.

Precision equipment to detect non-standard products

Fine points that cannot be measured by human eyes are assessed using precision machinery.

For precious metals, X-ray inspection is used to analyze elemental elements and constituent ratios. In the brand bag, a black light is used to illuminate the designated place to check the reaction.

Although it is not the purpose of authenticity determination, a wristwatch uses a machine called a time grapher to measure the rate (progress or delay) per day.

What we BUYSELL brand chée can do to not betray our customers

Bisel Technologies_Office scenery

We at Bisel Blanche are always on the lookout for the non-standard product sincerely.

We are working hard to create a market where everyone who uses Bisel Blanche can enjoy shopping with peace of mind.

Please be assured that Bisel Blanche will only sell products that meet the sales standards, after looking through the eyes of an authenticity specialist.