Louis Vuitton_Epi_Commentary

The model line that represents Louis Vuitton, "Epi", has a long history that has been loved by many people since its release.
In this article, we will explain in detail about the Louis Vuitton epis, such as the characteristics of the materials and the origin of the names.
In the latter half, we will introduce the popular lineup of epis, so if you are considering purchasing epis, please refer to it.

What is Louis Vuitton "Epi" that attracts cool women

Epi is one of the model lines representing Louis Vuitton. When it comes to Louis Vuitton, monograms and Damier are often thought to be popular, but Epi appeared in 1985 and has been popular with many people to this day.

From the fact that Epiline items have been on the market for about 35 years, you can see that it is one of the model lines representing Louis Vuitton. Let's take a closer look at such epis such as the origin of the name and the characteristics of the material.

Origin of the name "epi"

"Epi" means "ear of wheat" in French. The name "epi" was named "epi" because the fine impression that flows linearly reminds us of a landscape where wheat ears are swaying in the wind.

Material characteristics

A high-quality material called "grain leather" is used for the epi. Grain leather is so-called genuine leather and is characterized by its excellent durability. It is also used in dress shoes in the United States, and is said to have a life span of about 40 years.

Of course, the epi made from such grain leather has excellent durability, so it can be said that it can be used for a long time.
In addition, fine embossing makes wrinkles less noticeable and keeps the beautiful texture forever.
One of the characteristics of this material is that the gloss and color change depending on how the light hits.
One of the reasons for the simple yet timeless design is that the appearance changes with the way the light hits.

The design is also characterized by the embossing of the wheat ears that flutter in the wind.
It's not as flashy as Monogram or Damier, but it has a sophisticated design with no waste and gives an adult-like impression.

A variety of color variations of the epi

Epi is attractive for its calm and simple embossing, but another appeal is its abundant color variations.
Initially released, there were 5 colors: black, brown, green, blue and beige, but as the years went by, new colors were developed, and 11 colors were announced in 2012 and 8 colors were announced in 2014.

Some of the colors are out of print, but we continue to develop a wide variety of colors in line with the changes of the times.

The standard colors are black "Noir" which gives a calm and mature impression, "Passionate red" "Cocrico" and pastel pink "Magnolia" which gives a feminine feminine impression.

If you use epis like this. Recommended scenes and coordinates

The epi features are a refined design with no waste, durability of high quality materials, and unique luster. Such an epi is a versatile model that can be used in casual or formal scenes. As it is durable, it is ideal for daily commuting bags and wallets. The calm design will also be useful in the business scene.

If you want to match it with your private outfit, you can add jeans accessories and T-shirts with epi accessories to make it look more mature. It is also useful as an item when you want to balance the formal and casual style.

Louis Vuitton "Epi" popular lineup

Let's take a look at the popular lineup of epis.
From Epiline, various items such as wallets, bags and coin cases are available.
If you want to use high-brand items for a long time, we recommend Epiline items that have excellent durability.

Epi pochette cle


This item is an epiline coin case.
The characteristic color, Tassili Yellow, is useful as an accent when you want to add a bright impression. The casually treated Louis Vuitton logo mark will create a calm atmosphere for adults who do not insist too much.

There is no partition inside and it is a simple coin case that can be used intuitively. How about carrying it for a little shopping or going out?

Epi Zippy Coin Purse

Epi_zippy coin purse

This item is a coin case with a small design. Its compact size makes it easy to take out immediately and makes payment easy.
The zipper that opens wide to the outside makes it easy to take out coins, and there is no need to look for coins at the time of checkout.
There is a partition inside so you can store not only coins but also credit cards and licenses. It is recommended not only for shopping up close but also as a coin case to carry with your wallet.

Epi zippy wallet

Epi_zippy wallet

A wallet is a fairly expensive purchase, and many people may think that "if you keep using it for a long time, you should keep it clean and use it forever!"
If you're such a person, this Epi wallet is recommended. The embossing with excellent durability and unique luster unique to the Epi model reproduces the beauty that does not change even after long use.

Of course, it is also excellent in terms of functionality. It has 8 card pockets, so it is safe for those who carry a lot of cards all the time. It is a round fastener type that opens wide, and its attractive design makes it easy to take out. As an item that can be used for a long time, how about rewarding yourself or giving a gift to your lover?

Epi Shoulder Bag Twist PM

Epi _ shoulder bag _ twist PM

A shoulder bag with a delicate embossing and a bold LV mark.
The delicate embossing of the Epi mixes the calm and mature atmosphere with the gorgeous feel created by the LV mark using the silver metal fittings to create an exquisite balance. You can use it not only for everyday use, but also for formal coordination. The bright rose ballerine color should also be useful as a coordination accent.

A wide storage space with a width of 23 cm, two open pockets, and a sufficient function as a shoulder bag. All your essentials such as wallets, smartphones, makeup pouches, and more will be in this bag.

Epi Sun Jack shoulder bag

Epi _ Sun Jack _ shoulder bag

This bag, which can be used as a shoulder bag or a tote bag, is ideal for occasions such as going out in the distance or for a short trip, where you can carry a lot of luggage.
It is designed to hold a lot of luggage without the need to create internal partitions.
The opening is closed with a zipper, so it will not overflow even if you put too much luggage.

In the design, the inverted trapezoidal shape is characteristic and has an outstanding presence. The bottom part is stable even if you place it, so you will not have to worry about falling sideways even if you put the bag.
The dignified Noir Black color can be used for business or private use.

Epi Alma 2way shoulder bag

Epi_alma_2way shoulder bag

A bag with a bright atmosphere wrapped in Tassili Yellow.
This bag is a 2-way bag where you can enjoy both handbags and shoulder bags. Because you can change the way you hold it according to your mood and coordination, it is the perfect item for those who are greedy and want to enjoy twice. The storage space is quite large, so if you have a small amount of luggage and are on an excursion, this bag may be enough.

The lovely rounded shape goes well with casual coordination.

Epi Keepal 45

Epi_Keepall 45

Keepall has a long history in Louis Vuitton. It has been loved by many people as a travel Boston bag. It is the epiline of such Keepal.
The solid atmosphere of the keep-up and the calm atmosphere of the epi are combined to create a cool adult impression.
The appearance that gives off a unique luster is the high brand itself. It will push the luxury feeling that only high-end brands can offer to the front, and will greatly change your impression.

Epi speedy 30

Epi_Speedy 30

Speedy, a typical item of Louis Vuitton along with Keepall. Released as a mini-Boston bag, Speedy is perfect for traveling and business trips.
The larger the bag, the more delicate embossing of the epi will make it stand out. The eye-catching Castilian red color will also serve as a coordination accent.

Epi Neverfull MM


Neverfull is a tote bag that means "no matter how much you put in your bag, it won't overflow."
The wide storage space is attractive, and it is useful as a commuting bag or a business trip bag in the business scene. Epi's calm atmosphere will fit comfortably in the business scene.

If you are a career woman who is working hard, why not choose a special bag as a reward for yourself?


This time, I explained about the model line "Epi" that represents Louis Vuitton. The epi made from high-quality materials has high durability and looks like a calm adult atmosphere.

It's not as flashy as the Monogram or Damier, but its sleek and sleek design has been loved by many for a long time. If you want to add an atmosphere of grown-up that is one step more advanced than those around you, please try the Epi item.