It is _9 choice with high brand _

Whether I cannot have a crush on the woman who is adult who acquired a high brand
There will be many women who think, "I want to acquire a high brand" to see such a figure.
However, do you know in the first place what the definition of the high brand is?

By this article, what is such a high brand? I want to make the commentary that it is.
In addition, for a person having a crush on the woman who is an adult, I introduce nine selections of recommended high brands.

I can know the past history of the high brand deeply by reading an article.
Please refer to the one to be worried about.

With the high brand

With high brand _

The high brand refers to luxury brand, an expensive brand. Because the English "high" is high high quality, a meaning called the upper reaches, the name called "the high (high-quality) brand" is done.

However, the definition is vague even if I say a high brand to a mouthful. It cannot be said at all that it goes when said to be a high brand if a price is high.

Then when it is said what kind of brand is a high brand,

  • Tradition, the history as the fashion brand
  • Original design
  • Sense of quality in the brand image
A fashion brand comprising such an element is named a high brand.

The origin of the fashion brand

The high brand _ origin

A fashion brand has the long history to continue more than 100 years.
It is birth in Europe in the origin.

The fashion brand that haute couture (high-quality made-to-order clothes) was mainstream was not the thing which the class of public could reach in those days.

The many brands which are named a high brand in the present age such as Christian Dior in Chanel, 1940 in 1920 express a brilliant figure.

There was the flow that mass production began a full-scale after the 1960s, and pret-a-porter (high-quality ready-made clothes) that more already than haute couture to measure it, and to make from the beginning specific size was decided became mainstream. Fashion brands such as Eve Saint-Laurent or Kenzo played an active part at that time and supported popularity of the pret-a-porter.

The modern high brand has effect of global economic slump; in the general class of the hand came not to reach it. However, there are a lot of people having admiration toward acquiring a high brand.

The high brand which represents the world that cannot help attracting a woman

Women the once "want to have a high brand"! Have not thought of と; do carry it on its back?

"But what kind of high brand should I choose?" There are too many kinds and does not understand it! 」

I introduce nine high brands drawing the charm of the adult woman to a person troubled in this way.
I hold down the characteristic of each high brand, and, please choose the brand in accord with one's preference.


Hermes _ Birkin _ black

In those days, it was founded as a harness studio, and the Hermes founded in France Paris in 1837 put success, but came to deal with a watch, accessories, the design of wide fields such as the perfume, sale with the production of the bag as a start from 1892.

Birkin, Kelly are cited in the representative product.
There were many designs that the Hermes as of December, 2019 adopted leather to material and was supposed.
It is wide and has the design which is the cause of the concept in pursuit of "the beauty" appropriate for the modern woman, a female oriented adult.

I advance to the list of >> Hermes

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton was founded in France Paris in 1854.
It spread out in the world, but a bag and a wallet, sneakers or a ring deal with the sale of a wide field as a store specializing in establishment of a business at first world's first traveling bags in the present age.

The ダミエ pattern using two colors of a monogram pattern, beige and the dark brown that made "LV" of Louis Vuitton a mark in the pattern of the product is representative.

It became a big topic by having made "Supreme" and the collaboration of the high-quality street fashion brand in 2019.
I am particular about feminine prettiness while being a design and adult including a small-sized rucksack based on white in the latest bag.

I advance to the list of >> Louis Vuitton

Eve Saint-Laurent

Eve Saint-Laurent

Eve Saint-Laurent was founded in France Paris in 1962.
"Eve Saint-Laurent" of the founder is the person who played an active part as a chief designer of Dior which was a high brand from those days.

Not only the apparel product but also the product of cosmetics and the perfume unfolds in Eve Saint-Laurent. (Eve Saint-Laurent Bothe)
In December, 2019, Christmas collection "HIGH ON STARS" comes up from Eve Saint-Laurent Bothe.
Because it is the chance that can get the cosmetics of the limited product, please check the one to be worried about.



Chanel whom Coco Chanel of the world-famous fashion designer founded was founded now in 1909 approximately 100 years ago.
There are the movies which I described life of Coco Chanel in, and is there not much one that has heard the name?

I develop an apparel product, perfume, cosmetics, the product of various fields including the jewelry in Chanel.
Perfume and the bag which are taken away frequently in TV CM are particularly popular products.

From November, 2019, representative popular perfume "N ° 5" became the special design of the Christmas-limited and appeared. Because it is an amount-limited product, please buy the one to be worried about early.

I advance to the list of >> Chanel



Prada was founded in Italy Milan in 1913. Because the founder was two brothers; "is Fratelli Prada" at first: It was hides product shop named Prada brothers.
High brand "MIU MIU" of the Lady's is the fashion brand which Prada presents.

I handle an apparel product with Prada mainly. The accessories such as a wallet and a watch, a bag or sunglasses are particularly popular.
Good-quality material is used for the cause of the concept "to give glory to daily life luxuriously", a product to sell.

A lot of good trench coats are sold in a cold season and, to a new work, have the design from a colorful thing to a chic thing.

I advance to the list of >> Prada



バレンシアガ was founded in 1914.
It was founded at first in Spain, but, under the influence of Spanish Civil War, moves to France Paris.
It was a high brand as I set a shoulder beside Dior in the 1950s.

I develop a product in the wide field including a bag, accessories, shoes and the clock in バレンシアガ.
I am popular with the women of 20-30 generations, and do you not see young women with the bags of バレンシアガ well in a town?

While a simple English character of "BALENCIAGA" is simple with a trademark, it is a high-quality impressive brand.

I advance to the list of >> バレンシアガ



Gucci was founded in Florence, Italy in 1921.

Even what representative designer of the mode fashion, Tom Ford took office as in 1990 is famous.

I deal with a wallet and a clock, not only the clothes including the perfume but also sale of the accessory product in Gucci.

I am particularly popular in a high brand, and there is much Gucci wearing even in the generation when 20 generations are young as for the wallet and accessories products.

I use wool fabric for the latest bag and shoes, and it becomes a good design in winter.

I advance to the list of >> Gucci



Loewe was founded in Spain in 1846. Hides product was famous Loewe, but I did not treat the clothes at first and sold a bag and a wallet, the leather products such as the coin case.
I come to deal with the sale such as men's wear or the women's wear for business expansion from the 1990s.

The product of Loewe has many things using the good-quality hides material. I will create the woman who is an adult with the feeling of mode style that there is.

The basket bag of Loewe with the woman popularity is in particular one article that I want to have for the early spring.
Because it is an inevitable item sold out immediately, I will have my eyes from now.

I advance to the list of >> Loewe



Dior was founded in France Paris in 1946.
I started haute couture collection in establishment of a business those days, and the whole world was surprised at luxurious material, the silhouette of a beautiful woman.
I established various designs and dominated the top who could say the representative of the fashion brand afterwards.

The product which Dior deals with includes haute couture, accessories, a watch, a wallet widely.

I often see Dior in one corner of the cosmetics corner, and the image of cosmetics might be strong for women.

It seems that a new lip glow will be on sale on January 1st of next year.
It contains cherry oil that takes care of the lips softly and leads to beautiful feminine lips.
If you are interested, please check it out.

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How was it? This time, we introduced about the high brand that adult women long for, and 9 recommended high-brand selections.

High brand is an attractive item that raises not only the appearance but also the inside that confidence springs to oneself just by wearing it, and motivation comes out.

Why don't world-class fashion designers experience beautiful designs with attention to detail and add luxury to your daily life?