Tag Wheuer Used

tagwayerI'm trying to buy a watch for a secondhand."

This post is an article for you in your own way.I thought I wanted to buy a secondhand goods of tag wheyers.

  • I don't know what kind of model I have ...
  • How's the price of a secondhand product?

You may have a number of questions.Here, the article introduces the price of the used goods of tag wheyers and the model of the popularity of the used.

It should be helpful if you are considering the purchase of a tag whire used for use.You should try to read it.

What is a tag wheel?

The Tag Heuer is an old luxury watch brand founded in Switzerland in 1860.

The tag wheel, which has over 160 years of history, has created ideas and functions that can be seen as innovations in the clock industry.

History of the Tag Heuer

The founder, Edward Hoyer, opens his own watch studio at the young age of 20.


He had outstanding technology and ideas in making watches, and in 1869, nine years after his foundation, he developed a "vibration pinion" that had a major impact on the "croograph clock".

This vibration pinion was an innovative technology in the clock industry at the time that the start/stop button on the chrome graph was pushed to the same time.


The vibration pinion is widely adopted among the current chronograph manufacturers.

After that, he was leaped up as a chronoglon maker.The accuracy of stopwatches has been recognized, and the official time keeper for the Olympics has been recognized for three consecutive years, and his ability is recognized by the world.


Even after Edward Wheyer's widow, Jack Hoyer will have a series of innovative models, such as "Karella," which he inherited.

Since Jack Heuer became a business operator, he has had a deep relationship with the world of motor racing, and today, there may be a lot of people who feel like "tag wheers" as "Racing."


A brand that creates a new model every year without satisfying the current situation, and always continues to grow, and that is the tag wheel.

the characteristics and value of a tag wheel

The tag wheers have the following features:

  • a manageable band of affordability
  • Fusion of Sporty x Luxury
  • It's equipped with waterproof functions for all clocks.

The first thing that I want to mention is that it is a "affordable price band."

Clock-brand watches, such as Omega and Lorex, are priced at a considerable price.Even an inexpensive watch is almost fifty thousand yen dumbled.


In this respect, the tag wheel is a luxury brand, but it is more relinable compared to those of those brands.There are watches that can be bought from the second half of the 100,000 yen range.

"While it's a high-end watch, it's a luxury watch-it's a luxury of tag whiers that don't have any other brand."

It's a big attraction of the tag whire, even though it doesn't value as a watch.

The high-end watch industry is characterized by a large market and a stable asset value.

A watch with high asset value points to quality, brand status, and brand history.


The tag wheers do not have the quality of the clock, nor the status and history of the brand.

Therefore, the value of the asset is recognized as a high value of the clock, and the price of the purchase is priced at high prices.

a second-hand model of tag wheyers that are still popular

Tag-wheel watches are high-toned, and are popular in second-hand products.

Among them, I picked up two of the most popular models.Both models are representative models, which can be said to be the face of the tag wheer.



Since the announcement in 1963, Karella has always been popular as a tag-wheel flagship model, and has always been a popular model.

Most of the clocks used in advertising and advertising are called charella.You can see that this is also the representative model of the tag whire.

The attraction of Karela is the fusion of Zubari's "Sporty × Ragjuary".You can enjoy not only the sporty elements of a chronograph, but also from a bright, shining board and a stainless glass case, enjoying a "unsporting watch" - a luxury.


With two elements of the Sporty × Luxury, both of the scenes that are on-off are perfect.

Aqua Acer

Tag Whear Acar Racer

It was made for the professional diver, and is an acrager.

The Aqua Racer can be used as a diver for 300mm waterproofing.The functional aspects of the anti-rotating bezel, such as the reverse-rotating bezel, are very rich.


Not only that, but the elegant design is one of the reasons for its popularity.

Like Karella, it is a sports watch, a high-end design, and it plays a role in a casual scene in a business scene or a casual scene.

Also, we cannot overlook the low price of the price."Buy a luxury watch for the first time" is too expensive to choose a watch.


For this reason, it may be better to wear a watch like an aquareiser, like a clock, and to be aware of your obsession and preferences.

Tags whiers, how much of the market is used?

The value of the used goods in the tag wheel varies depending on the situation and the model.

"Karella," a popular model, is 110,000 yen to 298,000 yen.

Some of the cheapers are cheap, and some can be purchased around 100,000 yen.


The larger the price varies depending on the clock, because the scarcity of scarcity and the clock are different.

In the same model, the tag wheel may sell a limited model, such as only a hundred book sales.

The models are scarcity, and they are not in circulation in the market.

As a result, you can get a high price as a premium item.


It goes without saying that the price is different depending on the situation, but the price is higher for new ones, which do not have much damage.Conversely, bad condition is likely to be degraded as well, so the price is cheaper.

How to maintain a tag-wheel-used item

Here we will explain how to maintain the tag wheyer used goods.

Unlike new products, used goods already used are more important than daily maintenance.This is because, by neglecting to maintain, the deterioration of the parts that are already consumable is likely to progress and fix it.


So, if you buy a second-hand watch, it's good for maintenance.

Learn how to maintain yourself.

Tag Heuer's band (belt) maintenance method and maintenance timings

The maintenance of the band depends on whether it is maintained by a leather belt or by a metal belt.


In leather belts, they are weak in sweat or water, so that they can be wiped out as soon as they are wet with sweat or water.If you leave it in wet conditions, the leather will go to the place.


Metal belts are more durable than leather belts, and are easy to maintain daily.

If it is tainted, it can be directly washed directly if it is a metal belt.You may want to take care of it when you say, "Don't you get your dirty?"

How to take the wound on the wind and the maintenance notes of the maintenance

In order to get the wounds of the windshield, it would be good to use a special wound cream or a cleaner for the wound.You can take some scars by wiping the cream and wiping it.


The attention point is to "pick the appropriate scars cream suitable for use."

If you use a wound cream that is not intended for a clock, you may be able to damage the windshield (the glass section).

I'll make sure you choose the wounds on the wind and the cream.

Caution for self-maintenance

If you are doing maintenance yourself, keep it only outside, so that the inside of the clock doesn't touch.

because the interior of the clock is a complex structure, and when an amateur tries to touch it, it doesn't know how to build it after it breaks down, and it will no longer be able to be undone.


If you put it back on, it is unlikely that you will be able to move it.

Therefore, when you are doing maintenance yourself, don't touch the inside of the clock, but keep it in the outside glass or band.

Tag-wheel-used points at the time of buying used goods

The impression that secondhand goods might be bad, as there is the word "cheerless", may have the impression that it is bad.

However, it is more likely that you will be able to meet a bad thing if you keep the point at which used goods are bought.

where:Used goodsHere are some of the points you are about to buy.

Maintenance is mandatory for mechanical watches.

Maintenance is important for precision equipment.

It's made from a lot of components, and it's very delicate and precise clocks, so it won't move easily if you get bad things.

Let' s keep in mind that maintenance is required.

a firm check of the condition

It is no exaggeration to say that the confirmation of the condition is the most important in the use of the watch used in the watch.

Because of the worse condition of consumables, such as watches, the deterioration of parts and internal structures tends to be worse.


It is also unimaginable that the use of the former user was unrude in the fact that the condition was bad.

If you buy such a second-hand article, you can ` t move it for a little while you buy it.

Let' s try to find a good clock, and avoid watches that are likely to be repaired at once.


The points for checking the condition of the clock are as follows:

  • the baking of a character
  • needle corrosion
  • a wound in the glass body
  • the peeling of a coating (check by light of light)


This time, he explained the popular model, the price of used goods, and the method of maintenance of the used goods of the tag wheyer.


The used goods of tag wheers vary from cheap to new, but not as much as new.

It is not cheap shopping, even used goods, so please check your condition and try to find a perfect model for yourself.


After purchasing it, you'll be able to keep it clean indefinitely by having to keep it clean.