Rolex _ clock _ repair

RolexThere seems to be much の clock thinking to want to do repair.

But,How should Rolex repair it?」「It is awkward that I ask it for repair if broken!Does the person whom と is troubled with not come?

Therefore it is this article,Merit demerit of a method to repair a clock of Rolex and each repair methodI make the introduction that it is. I understand a method to repair your important Rolex appropriately if I read this article. Please refer to it.

I perform the overhaul of Rolex once in five years

The overhaul refers to repairing it after dismantling a clock, and having checked it.

In the case of a clock of Rolex, I will perform the overhaul even at least once in five years.3-4 once a year wants to reach if possibleですね.

When it is said why periodical overhaul is necessary for a clock, this is because a burden suffers from each part while I use the clock.

As for most clocks of Rolex in particular, a mechanical self-winding watch movement is adopted. Because various parts are combined as for the mechanical clock precisely and work, steady maintenance is necessary.

Overhaul is necessary for a clock so that a human being needs a periodic medical examination so that car inspection is necessary for a carSo I do it. The inside of the clock may catch the damage even if I do not understand it visually.

I may think in a question, though, what kind of thing you perform by overhaul concretely. The main processes of the overhaul are as follows.

  • I take a movement out of a case
  • If I take off parts and am damaged, I change it
  • I clean each part in an ultrasonic cleaning
  • I put it back while putting oil in a gear
  • I do precision and a waterproof check

It is overhaul that I repair it if there is an abnormality, and put back while confirming whether a clock does not have abnormality as above.

Use the clockIf abnormality such as time slipping off is caused, some parts are more likely to go badIt will be necessary to have you overhaul ので. In addition, periodical overhaul is important because, in fact, I may be down without abnormality visually.

It is the very delicate work that the overhaul dismantles a clock and checks. It costs some money to depend. But I may not have you maintain it well when you skimp on money because it is delicate work.

Which is good or, in a regular shop of Rolex and the repair manufacturer of the clock, will watch it while standing on such points.

Two methods to ask for overhaul

Rolex _ repair _2 horn method

Clock of RolexWhen I send it on を overhaul, there are two methods mainly. With two methods, it is as follows.

  • I ask Japanese Rolex for regular support
  • I depend on a private clock repair supplier

The one that I asked Japanese Rolex for may be thought to be fixed so that there is 良, but,Of course merit demerit exists even if I take either choiceI do it.

Let's do the best choice for you after having referred to a request method and merit demerit to introduce here.

Japanese Rolex

When I ask Japanese Rolex for regular support, there are two following methods mainly.

  • I bring a clock into Service Center in Tokyo, Marunouchi directly
  • I send a clock by mail

In the suburbs of Tokyo the house いの,A method to bring a direct clock into the first Service Center is recommendedです. I can ask it for overhaul immediately, and this is because we do not have to worry about the accident by the mail.

But a case living in the district when it is said that do not have time to bring it in directly, the mail will be enough for even the method to send a clock. I cannot say that there is not an accident by the mail, but can surely ask it for overhaul easily because I send a mail kit to the home free.


Even if the merit to ask Japanese Rolex for overhaul is called anythingThe security that is a regular shopでしょう. The reasons why overhaul is received in peace are as follows.

  • A specialized clock engineer overhauls it
  • A regular article is used for parts exchange by all means
  • I get a regular repair certificate

When I sell a clock, the regular repair certificate is documents proving that I received regular repair. If there is a regular repair certificate within one year, in the case of sale, repair charges may be added by publication.


It is certain that a merit is big, but is not without a demerit. The demerits are as follows when they receive regular support of Japanese Rolex.

  • It takes from one and a half months to two months for overhaul
  • A price becomes expensive

It is the part which there is no help for it,The money suffers at time when I intend to receive careful overhaul in a regular shop. For the one without the intention to sell a clock, it may be said that it is a big demerit.

Store specializing in clock repair

When I depend on a store specializing in private clock repair,How do you find an excellent supplier?It becomes ということが key.

There are all sorts of contents, and of course there is the bad supplier even if I enter with a store specializing in clock repair if there is the good supplier.

The points to ascertain a store specializing in excellent private clock repair are as follows.

  • I conclude an excellent clock shop and tie-up
  • A scale is big
  • There is a first class certified technician

Because some machines are necessary for the repair of the clock, a scale is more likely to prepare the machine which should be big. In addition,The certified technician repairing the clock is a national qualification, and the first grade certified technician has high technologyA thing is guaranteed.


The merits to ask a store specializing in private clock repair for overhaul are as follows.

  • Overhaul charges are low
  • An overhaul period is short

In comparison with a case to receive regular support of Japanese Rolex,As for - 70% at half price as for the overhaul chargesThere is much になることが. In addition, we have the place to finish in around two weeks during the overhaul period at the earliest.


The demerits are as follows when they ask a store specializing in private clock repair for overhaul.

  • Quality of the overhaul varies among suppliers
  • A term of a guarantee is shorter than Japanese Rolex

In this way, I am inferior to Japanese Rolex for the security when after all I depend on a store specializing in private clock repair. But,If it is the reliable supplier including the repair shop where there is the first class certified technician, I do not have any problemといえるでしょう.

Reference repair price according to each model

Here, I introduce the aim of the repair price of each Rolex model. The repair price of Rolex which you have,How long do you change in regular support and private repair repair suppliers?Please check it.

Model Private repair supplier Japanese Rolex




Explorer I



Explorer II









Yacht master



GMT master




With this article,Clock of RolexI introduced the merit demerit of a method to repair を and each repair method.

When it gathers it up, it will be the first surely that the person to want security asks Japanese Rolex for regular support.

But it is a fact that take the time when some prices make it.

There will not be a plan to sell Rolex in future,If it is one to want you to repair it early which I want to finish as cheap as possible, even a private clock repair supplier does not have any problemでしょう.

I check some repair suppliers by all means, and, please ask a trustworthy supplier for repair on this occasion.

In reference to this article, let's repair your important Rolex by an appropriate method.

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