It goes without saying that Rolex is a world-famous luxury watch. Its popularity has not changed since ancient times, and it is one of the watches that many people of all ages admire.


What kind of image does the popular Rolex have in general?

In this article, while touching on the image of Rolex, we will introduce the reasons why Rolex is popular and recommended popular models.

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Rolex image

Rolex image

Rolex is a well-known luxury watchmaker that you probably don't know.

What kind of image does such a Rolex have in general?

General image

The general image of Rolex is that it is a "luxury watch" and "sells at a high price".

Why did such an image take root?

First of all, about the image of a "luxury watch".

One of the reasons why Rolex's image of luxury watches has taken root is that watches have been a well-known watch brand since they were recognized as luxury items.


Nowadays, many watches that are cheap and highly practical are on sale, but in the old days when technology was not advanced, the image that "watches are luxury goods" was strong.


Rolex was a success in such an era. Rolex is the first highly practical watch to be equipped with features not found in other watches, which will increase its name recognition at once.

Then, with the sale of "a highly practical watch," we actively promoted it to the wealthy by using advertisements.

The image that "wealthy people should have Rolex" is firmly established because of the reward of advertising activities.

That image continues to the present day, and the image that "Rolex is a luxury watch" is widely established.


Next, about the image of "selling at a high price".

Rolex watches are characterized by selling at high prices even on older models. The recognition is universal, and it is said that even if the wallet is stolen, there is no problem if you have one Rolex.


Rolex's strategy is one of the reasons why it sells at high prices forever.

Rolex has firmly established the image of luxury watches, so even if demand increased, it was not mass-produced.


While the distribution volume is small, if the demand is high, it will be recognized as a watch with high rare value.

That's why Rolex watches sell at high prices.

Difference from popular brand OMEGA

When it comes to luxury watches, many people think of the brand "Omega" in addition to Rolex.

Like Rolex, OMEGA has a strong image of a luxury watch and has been loved as a long-standing luxury watch brand.


The difference between OMEGA and Rolex is the "brand name recognition".

Omega is also recognized as a luxury watch worldwide, but Rolex is known as a luxury watch even in the younger generation who is not familiar with watches.

It is also known for its high asset value compared to OMEGA watches.

5 Reasons to Choose Rolex

5 Reasons to Choose Rolex

Rolex is world-famous and has been supported by many people since its founding in 1905, despite being a luxury watch.

Why is Rolex so chosen? Here are five reasons why Rolex is chosen.

Excellent design

Rolex's design is packed with a lot of commitments that are typical of luxury brands.

Luxury materials such as platinum and gold are used as the material, and the brilliance they give off is exactly the luxury watch itself.


In addition, one of the reasons why Rolex is selected is the abundance of design variations that can meet various needs, such as a simple and calm design depending on the model and a luxurious luxury design.

Excellent practicality

Rolex tends to focus only on its design and high asset value, but it is actually famous as a watch that specializes in practicality.


Nowadays, highly practical watches are cheap and available, but Rolex is said to be the pioneer in the features of these watches.

Rolex has invented three standard features in the watch industry.

  • Oyster case
  • Perpetual mechanism
  • Datejust mechanism

Oyster case

The oyster case is a completely waterproof function. Rolex is the first watch to have this feature and is patented.

Perpetual mechanism

The perpetual mechanism is a self-winding mechanism.

Until then, it was necessary to manually adjust the time, but with the development of the perpetual mechanism, self-winding wristwatches have become mainstream.

Datejust mechanism

The datejust mechanism is a function that changes the date at the same time as midnight. Previous watches had a date display function, but Rolex is said to be the first to have a function to change the date at exactly 0 o'clock.


It's a common feature in modern watches, but behind it was the great development of Rolex.

High asset value

Rolex is famous as a watch with high asset value.

Even if it is an old model, if you bring it to a purchase shop, it will sell at a high price not only in Japan but also in all countries. Some people buy Rolex for investment purposes in anticipation of its value.


The value so far is that it has both practicality and status.

Considering the status of high practicality and strong image of luxury watches, it is natural that the value as a watch will be high.


Another point is Rolex's strategy to increase asset value. By increasing the rarity value without mass production, the purchase price is always kept high.

High status

Rolex is recognized as a high status watch.

It is recognized as a watch with high status because of its high practicality and the image of a luxury watch.

One of the reasons why Rolex is chosen is its high status, which raises its appeal by wearing it.

About popular Rolex models

Here are some of Rolex's most popular models.

I explained the features of each.

Oyster Perpetual

Oyster Perpetual

It is a model "Oyster Perpetual" released in 1933.

The model name "Oyster" refers to a completely waterproof Oyster case, and "Perpetual" refers to the perpetual mechanism of the self-winding mechanism.

In other words, Oyster Perpetual is a "fully waterproof + self-winding watch" watch.


What are the characteristics of Oyster Perpetual?

  • No date display (called non-date)
  • Available at a lower price than other models
  • Wide variety of designs and sizes

These are the above three. It's relatively cheap to get, so it's also recommended for those who are new to Rolex.

In addition, there are many sizes available, so you can choose according to the size of your arm.



Launched in 1945, the Datejust is a watch equipped with all three major Rolex inventions. The official name is "Oyster Perpetual Datejust".

It is said that this Datejust pioneered the date window, which is now commonplace.


The feature is that it incorporates all the functions of the three major inventions.

Although it has a simple design, its practicality is overwhelming. It is no exaggeration to say that all watches sold today imitate Datejust.

Yacht Master

Yacht Master

The Yacht Master is a model announced in 1992. The name comes from the fact that it was designed for use on yacht cruises.

The Yacht Master was announced as the most exclusive high-end model of Sport Rolex.

Basically, Sports Rolex is all stainless steel using stainless steel material, but Yacht Master is not all stainless steel, but it is characterized by using only a part of stainless steel and using gold and platinum for other materials.

In 1999, the platinum-based "Loredium" was announced.



The Cellini is one of the oldest models in Rolex's long history.

It was announced in 1928. At that time, no inventions such as an oyster case or a perpetual mechanism were made.

Cellini is a "non-waterproof hand-wound watch" that does not have those features.


In addition, one of the features is "a design that is not like Rolex". Rolex models are basically disc-shaped, but Cellini also has a rectangular design like the one in the image above.

Cellini, which does not have the "self-winding mechanism" and "completely waterproof" functions that Rolex originally devised, can be said to be a special model among Rolex.



The Submariner is a model announced in 1953. It was made for professional divers by taking advantage of the completely waterproof function "Oyster Case" developed by Rolex.

Its water resistance far surpasses other watches, and it is an innovative model that continues to move even at 660 feet in the deep sea.

You can feel that the diver is thoroughly committed to practicality, such as installing a rotating bezel for measuring the dive time.



Daytona is a model announced in 1963. It is so popular that it is called the "King of Rolex", and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a model that symbolizes Rolex.

It is said that the purchase price exceeds the price at the time of purchase, and it is attracting attention as a model with high asset value.


The Daytona is a model made for professional car racers and features a tachymeter bezel for racers to measure speed per hour.

It is also Rolex's only chronograph model, and has gained overwhelming support due to its high status.


This time, I explained the image of Rolex, the reason for choosing it, and recommended watches.

Rolex has been recognized around the world as a luxury watch since it was a luxury watch, and its image has not changed even now, more than 100 years after its founding.


Before it was recognized as a luxury watch, there were various backsides such as Rolex's original invention and corporate strategy.

If you are interested in Rolex, why not take a look at its charm?

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