Rolex _ Daytona _ charm

Rolex"Daytona" which is said to be the King of. Whether you look at watch magazines or look at enthusiasts' homepages, you'll see the name Daytona on the Rolex-related topics quite often.


However, it is Daytona that it is hard to see even if it lives normally.


What kind of clock is the Daytona?」「I want to know the charm of Daytona"Isn't there a lot of people who think that way?


So this time,Daytona's charmI would like to introduce you.


I hope this article will help you to understand what kind of watch the Daytona is and what kind of model the Daytona has.

Rolex pronoun "Daytona"

Here's a detailed look at what the Rolex "Daytona" looks like.

Birth of Daytona

The birth of Daytona dates back to the 1960s. Ref.6238, which is said to be the predecessor of Daytona, appeared in the late 1950s,In the 1960s, Ref.6239 bearing the name of Daytona was born, the beginning of Daytona's


In the 1970s, Ref.6265, which adopted a screw-type push button, appeared, improving the waterproofness from 30m to 50m. In addition, the letters "OYSTER" are printed on the dial for the first time to indicate that it is highly waterproof.


After that, the self-winding model appeared, and along with that, the design was renewed and the waterproofness and durability were improved. In addition, in 2000, Rolex developed the chronograph movement in-house, which led to the birth of the new Daytona, which connects to the current Daytona.

A collection of functional beauty "Daytona"

The Daytona is a model that is highly evaluated for its practicality as well as its excellent design.


The official name of Daytona is called "Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona", but Oyster means "highly waterproof case" and Perpetual means "self-winding mechanism".


In this way, Daytona has many advantages in terms of functionality. The main high-tech features that Daytona boasts are:

  • Oyster case: Highly waterproof and dustproof
  • Perpetual mechanism: Automatic winding mechanism
  • Ceramic bezel: high corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, durability
  • High-precision chronometer: Rolex's own standard, with a day difference of -2 to +2 seconds
  • Triple Rock Crown: Highly airtight and waterproof
  • Triple bracelet: high robustness
  • Chromalight: Continues to emit light for about 8 hours
  • 30-minute integration system: Meter that can measure the passage of time up to 30 minutes, high accuracy
  • 12-hour integration system: A meter that can measure the passage of time up to 12 hours, high accuracy
  • Chronograph hands: stopwatch measurement, high accuracy
  • High-performance caliber: stable accuracy, high robustness, improved maintainability

Daytona has made improvements over the long history since its birth, and each time a new model came out, it was given the high-tech functions of the times. It can be said that the current Daytona is a collection of such functional beauty.

Extremely low production volume

Daytona is always traded at a high price, but the main reason for this is the extremely low production volume. Due to the small number of products originally produced, there are naturally few in circulation in Japan, and it is often the case that you cannot even see an authorized distributor.


There are also parallel imports other than the regular route. This means buying products directly overseas and importing them. However, it is not easy to obtain because the number of products produced is small.


Specifically, it is said that even regular distributors receive 1-2 pieces per month.


Due to the small number of original productions, discontinued models will have an even higher premium price. The low production volume leads to the low distribution volume, and the price rises due to the scarcity.

High investment value

Daytona tends to have a premium priceRolexAmong them, it is a model with a particularly high investment value. Nowadays, it is said that if you buy a Daytona, there is a high probability that you will make a profit.


At one time, it was said that only Daytona would be "premier price after launch". In fact, the price of Daytona has continued to rise over the last 20 years, and some hand-wound Daytona is worth 10 million yen.


Specifically, the following models are traded at the prices shown. (March 2020, in-house survey)

  • Ref.16520: 3 to 6 times the list price
  • Ref.116520: About 2 to 2.5 times the list price
  • Ref.116500LN: 3 times the list price

Not only is the Daytona attractive because of its good design and high practicality. It is also a model with a high investment value in which the value increases just by having it.

Rolex Recommended Daytona

Here is a special among DaytonaRecommended model forI will introduce you to Le.

Rolex Daytona SS 116520

The Rolex Daytona SS 116520 is an old model of the Daytona. The case diameter is 40 mm, which is the same as the current model. Other features are not so different, but they are different in design and market price.


First,The difference in design can be seen at a glanceWould be The Daytona SS 116520 has a simple silver bezel. Also, unlike the new model, the indial is silver and shiny. A simple design that can be used in any scene is popular with a wide range of people.


The market price of the old model Daytona SS 116520 is currently changing as follows. (As of March 2020, in-house survey)

  • 2017: About 1.24 million yen
  • 2018: About 1.54 million yen
  • 2019: About 1.6 million yen
  • 2020: About 2 million yen

This model, which was discontinued in 2016, is still gaining the support of "This is the Daytona," and the market is steadily rising.

Rolex _ Daytona SS _116520

Rolex Daytona 116500LN

The Daytona 116500LN is the successor model to the Daytona SS 116520 introduced earlier. The size and specifications are almost the same as the old model, but there are major differences in the design.


The "LN" at the end of the model number stands for Lunette Noir, which means "black bezel" in French. As the name suggests, the bezel, which was silver in the old model, has been changed to black, and black is also used for the in-dial.Impression that it became more sporty because the area of ​​black increased compared to the old modelis.

The price of Daytona 116500LN has skyrocketed immediately after its sale, and White has a premier price. The following is the price transition of the Daytona 116500LN white dial. (March 2020, in-house survey)

  • January 2017: JPY 1.81 million
  • June 2017: About 1.94 million yen
  • January 2018: JPY 2.13 million
  • June 2018: JPY 2.33 million
  • January 2019: About 2.45 million yen
  • June 2019: JPY 2.72 million
  • January 2020: About 2.38 million yen

Prices have continued to rise since launch and have settled down to peaking in 2019. Prices will be expected to settle in the future.

Rolex _ Daytona _ 116500LN


This time, I introduced the charm of Daytona, which is also called the "King" of Rolex.


The Daytona has excellent design and practicality, and is a model that is truly representative of Rolex.


Due to the small number of products produced, few are distributed in Japan, and their rarity value is increasing year by year. Not only is it a good timepiece, but it's also attractive for its wealth.


With this article as a reference, I would like you to know what kind of watch the Daytona is, what kind of model the Daytona has, and consider purchasing.

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