Taghoyer _ Overhaul

Those who want to overhaul the tag hoyer are hesitant to do it at the regular store or ask private companies.

This time, the overhaul at the regular store, the overhaul at the private company, and the merits of each company are explained, and how much it costs and the points to choose are explained.
If you think about overhaul, please make a reference.

Tag Hoyer overhaul is once every five years better

Overhaul_5 Once a year

Taghoyer overhaul is better to do once every five years.
Because the long use of parts inside the clock eliminates lubricating oil to prevent wear of parts, and parts may wear or break.

Moreover, once every five years is a standard, and it changes according to the environment and preservation of the watch.
The mechanical clock is said to be once every five years and the quartz clock once every four years.

Two ways to do overhaul

There are two things to do: "request at a regular store" or "request to a private company" to perform an overhaul.
If you do it at a regular store, you will be able to get a fee because you are a member of the Edward Club.

Method 1. I'm joining Edward Club.

Edward Club is one of the maintenance services of the tag hoyer.
Only those purchased at the tag-hoyer regular store are entitled to membership, and subscriptions allow for a discount in repair fees or a variety of benefits, such as an extension of the warranty period; the details' perks are as follows.

  • Extension of guarantee period of two years (4 years)
  • Maintenance Price 30% OFF
  • Part Price 20% OFF
  • invitation to various campaigns
  • Precedent reservations for limited models, etc.

There are various benefits and free dues, so if you repair it at a regular store, you will be in a loss.
The caution is that it is entitled to be given only to those who buy it at the regular store. If you do not have a tag-hoyer yet, let's make sure you buy it at the regular store.

Then explain how to join, but you can be relieved because the procedure is over in about three minutes.

subscription method

The method of subscription is as follows: (Only those who purchase it in regular stores are eligible to subscribe; those who purchase parallel imports are not allowed to subscribe.)

  1. prepare a watch at hand
  2. The site of the Edward Club () to )
  3. Enter the reference number serial number for the clock (1)
  4. Follow the guide, enter personal information

1: On the back of the literate board, see "Reference Number/About Serial Number" on the official site, as the places described by the model are different.

At above, admission to the Edward Club is complete, and it will be repeated, but be careful because in the case of parallel imports, it cannot be subscribed.

toll form

The toll form is as follows: The table below also compared the price at the time of the Edward Club unsubscribed (if the display price is at general price, and the right is at Edward Club subscription).

clock type maintenance services complete overhaul

Quarts clock three needles

¥9,900 / ¥6,600

¥33,000 / ¥22,000

Quarts, chronograph.

¥9,900 / ¥6,600

¥49,500 / ¥33,000

mechanical clock three needles


¥49,500 / ¥33,000

Mechanical clocks, chronographs.


¥66,000 / ¥44,000

electro-mechanical (caliber S) chronograph

¥19,800 / ¥13,200

¥66,000 / ¥44,000

Mechanical clock caliber RS 3 needles


¥64,350 / ¥42,900

Mechanical clocks, caliber RS chronographs


¥85,800 / ¥57,200

Caliber 36/360


¥115,500 / ¥77,000

vintage clock



pickup services



tag hoyer official site quotation

The differences between maintenance services and complement overhauls are explained from the following terms:

maintenance services

The contents of the maintenance service are like:

  • battery exchange
  • precision inspection
  • waterproof test
  • case cleaning
  • metal bracelets washing

Maintenance services may be considered general repair content, and if they are examples such as "slow movement of clock needles", maintenance services fall.

complete overhaul

Overhaul is a 'decomposition repair', which breaks down all clocks and checks and replaces internal cleaning and parts.

The reason for the high price compared to maintenance services is that you can repair and check it hard.

  • Overhaul (switching parts and oiling of lubricating oil, checking and cleaning inside)
  • magnetic inspection
  • accuracy inspection
  • timing adjustment
  • waterproof test

Overhaul is like a car check, which is called a car, so it is necessary to do it once a five-year long cycle.
If you care about the details of the repair, check it because you can check it more than the official site.


If you're going to overhaul the regular store,

  • High technology is guaranteed
  • gain a sense of reassurance according to the above
  • If it's not a waste, it's possible to replace it

Three more.

If you leave it in the regular store, you will be able to respond to the top engineer who knows the tag hoyer watch.
The price is high, but if you can use a watch for a long time with high technology, it may be a cheap investment.


The demerits of overhauling at the regular store

  • be high in charge
  • take time to repair

Two more.

As I introduced in the table, overhauling at the regular store will increase the rate.
If you say, "It is natural that the top engineer is expensive because it is repaired," there are many people who think that "Is it only going to repair this?"
It's a precise repair, so it takes about four to five weeks for the clock to return.

Method 2. I asked the repairman.

The second way to do tag-hoyer overhaul is to ask private repairmen, who can overhaul cheaper than regular stores by asking private repairmen to do so. Taghoyer is a popular brand among watch brands, so many private repair companies are repaired, and many private companies are hit when they actually look at it with "taghoyer repair".

But as you have the word 'cheap or evil', you can be careful because there is a demerit that is cheap.

price of toll form

The rate is generally not said because it is up and down by the company, but it is generally 30% to 50% cheaper than the overhaul at the regular store.
What you want to pay attention to here is that you do not choose a company with a low price.

If you ask why, it is because the price is cheap, and the most thoughtful thing is low quality.
If it is a less expensive company, it is unlikely that inexperienced technicians will be responding.

If you ask such a company, you will be able to break it down and go to repair it again.

How to choose if you ask a private company

“I know you have to decide on it at a low price, but I think there are many people who think about it, “How do you choose it?”

The choice of private companies is to confirm the reputation of Zubari with performance or Internet oral communication.
In modern times, where everyone can deliver information, we can see the voices of users who actually use it.
If you are a reputational company, your mouth and evaluation will be high, and on the contrary, bad companies will be able to evaluate it.

But it is not easy to trust because it can forge or evaluate it, and it is Better to use SNS to listen to the real voice or ask a trusted large private company.
If you worry about it, the price is high, but let's overhaul it at the regular store.


The benefits of asking private companies are that they can overhaul at a lower rate than regular stores.
You can think that 30% or 50% will be cheap.


The demerit that private companies ask is that repair technology is not guaranteed.
Unlike regular stores guaranteed to be repaired by top tier technicians, I don't know if anyone can repair or repair them.

As a measure against this uneasiness, it is not necessary to decide at a price, but to examine the word of mouth and the result, and ask "the person with high evaluation".

Conclusion: after confirming the results and reputation of a private repairer

This time, we explained the Merritt disadvantage of TAG Heuer's overhaul.
In conclusion, the difference between the two is different from the point of view.
Either choice

  • There is no guarantee of quality
  • The price is high but the quality is guaranteed

Two choices. Please think based on the Merritt disadvantage that I introduced this time.