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"How long will it take TAG Heuer to keep up?" he asked.I want to know before buying"to you who have such a thought.

I wonder how much maintenance cost to continue to use TAG Heuer.
In this article, I will explain in detail the maintenance costs of TAG Heuer watches, such as the breakdown of the maintenance costs and how much maintenance costs.

Also, since we have also explained how to save maintenance costs, those who are considering the purchase of TAG Heuer should try it as a reference.

About the maintenance costs of TAG Heuer watches

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer watches are one of the most popular watches in the world.As an asset value, there may certainly be a value of a lifetime thing, but if you pay the body price, it is not that you can use it for a lifetime.

High-end watches require"maintenance costs"to continue to function properly.
In this item, we will explain in detail about the maintenance cost of TAG Heuer watches, such as the breakdown of the maintenance cost and how much maintenance cost.

Why does it cost money?

In the first place, why does a high-class watch cost a maintenance cost?It is because the luxury watch is assembled by more than 100 parts and complex mechanisms and is very delicate.Even a simple 3-fingered Watch has more than 100 parts, and a mechanical watch like a chronograph(with a stopwatch) sometimes uses more than 1000 parts.

A complex mechanism is the automatic winding function, the date display, the mechanism to move the stopwatch, etc.In order to maintain and maintain such a complex mechanism, repair, replacement and maintenance of parts are essential.

That's why high-end watches are subject to maintenance costs.The maintenance cost is classified into 2 large, there is repair cost and maintenance cost.Let's look at the contents of each.

Repair costs

The cost of repair is the cost of external damage to the watch (such as belt replacement), replacement of the crown, battery replacement, etc.If your watch is damaged, repair costs will be incurred.

Maintenance costs

Maintenance costs are the overall cost of checking whether the internal parts and mechanisms are working properly.

Maintenance in the Watch refers mainly to "overhaul".An overhaul is a maintenance method in which the watch is disassembled once to inspect and clean the entire inside and lubricate the lubricating oil.Overhauls must be carried out regularly, and the cycle depends on the type of watch, but it is estimated to be 4 to 6 years.

The most expensive maintenance is"overalls."

It's a good idea to know about maintenance costs before you buy it.

Before you buy a TAG Heuer, you should know how much it costs to maintain it.If you are looking for a great place to live and work, you have come to the right place.

The cost of repair and maintenance

  • Shop to ask for repair and maintenance
  • Types of watches・types

It varies greatly depending on the 2 above.

The shop to ask for repair and maintenance will be expensive if it is a regular shop, but if you ask the Watch Repair Shop, it will be about 3 percent cheaper than the regular store.If you want to do an overhaul at a regular TAG Heuer store, you will be charged a fee of 33,000-66,000 yen.


There is a wide range of 33,000〜66,000 yen, because the fee varies depending on the type and type of watch.


Basically, the price is higher for a mechanical watch with a complex mechanism than for a quartz watch with a simple mechanism.If you are thinking of purchasing a mechanical watch, remember that the repair and maintenance costs will be high.The repair and maintenance costs for each TAG Heuer watch type are listed on the official website, so we recommend that you check it before purchasing.

How to save on maintenance costs

I don't want to give up TAG Heuer watches because of the high maintenance cost.But if you understand how to use it correctly, you can save a little on maintenance costs.Here's a look at how to save on maintenance costs.

Learn how to use it correctly

To save a small amount of maintenance, it is the quickest way to get the right usage and reduce the possibility of repair.The "correct usage" here refers to the use of the wrong function and to prevent waste of useless battery.


For example, if you use a stopwatch with a chronograph watch, of course, the consumption of the battery will be faster,and the deterioration of the parts will also progress.


By minimizing the use of these clocks, you can reduce the possibility of repairs and save on maintenance costs.

Do your own maintenance

To save on maintenance costs, it is also essential to do maintenance yourself.Even so, it is best to keep only the outer part such as the Belt part and the glass case to do the maintenance yourself.
This is because the maintenance inside the watch is complicated and amateurs can't do it.If it breaks down, it can lead to a broken watch.


The maintenance that can be done by yourself is the maintenance of the Belt and the glass case.

It's a great way to get the most out of your business.

The most important thing to be aware of is to treat it with care."To save maintenance costs!It's a great idea, of course, but it's a bit lonely to think of it as saving money when you're wearing a high-end watch.


Rather than saving maintenance costs, it is more important to be aware of the importance of handling high-quality watches.If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at .

The point when buying a TAG Heuer luxury watch!

From here, we will explain the points when buying a TAG Heuer luxury watch.There are 2 points:

  • The first 1 is the metabelt.
  • The size of the case fits your arm.

I will explain each.

The first one was a metal belt.

If you are new to luxury watchmaking, we recommend that you purchase the first 1 piece of metal belt watch.This is because metal belts are durable and easy to maintain compared to leather belts.


The leather belt is weak in sweat and water,and it will deteriorate as soon as you continue to use it every day.For this reason, daily maintenance is essential.


If you are not familiar with the maintenance of your watch, you may find that the leather belt that is difficult to manage will soon become damaged and have to be repaired.So, the first 1 product is recommended to choose a metal belt that is easy to clean.

What the case size was on the arm!

When choosing a watch, you should also pay attention to the size of the case.For example, a watch with a large case size has a presence, but it is also characterized by a weight.


If you choose a size that does not match your own arm, it will put a burden on your arm or give an unbalanced impression.So, let's choose the case size that suits your arm.


The case size is generally 40mm.Try on it before you buy it and make sure it fits your arm.


This time, I explained in detail about the maintenance cost of TAG Heuer.High-end watches like TAG Heuer cost a lot of maintenance costs to continue to use, apart from the price.It is not only the price of the body but also the maintenance cost.

After purchase, it is important to"treat it with care" in order to keep the maintenance cost as low as possible.If you are aware of how to handle it carefully, you can continue to use it beautifully forever, which will also lead to savings in maintenance costs.Please try to consciousness.

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