Louis Vuitton, the Zippy Wallet and the Katte

It is the "Zippy Wallet," a popular wallet in Louis Vuitton.When you get out of town, you see a lot of people walking around.Jippy Wallet would have been more careful in looking at such a figure.
"But I don't want to fail because it's not a cheap shopping."

This time, I will explain in detail how to use the Zippy wallet, the characteristics and the size of the wallet, and so on.If you have a sense of size and design, you will have to grasp the image before you can buy it.
In the second half, I'll introduce you to the Jippy Wallet, so you can use it for reference!

The attraction of Louis Vuitton's standard item "Zippy Wallet"

Louis Vuitton, Zippewallet. attractiveness.

The Zippy Wallet is a round fastener-type wallet, which is a popular item of Louis Vuitton.It is a compact size, but it can contain a lot of storage spaces, as well as cards and cards, as well as a receipt.I'm not worried about my credit cards or coins falling from my wallet as I close my wallet with a round-fasner.

Gippy Wallet is a popular model of Louis Vuitton's wallet, and many of them are used to make use of it.Why is it so popular?

The reason why the Louis Vuitton Gippy Wallet is insincered.

The first thing you can do is to make it easy for anyone to use.It is easy for women and men to size, and there are plenty of storage space and card pockets, so people who carry a lot of cards can easily take care of them.

The second thing you can give you is the height of durability.Louis Vuitton's items have a high quality leather, which is strong and durable for foul, abrasias and abrasiveness.
So, for a long time, I will keep on keeping the same beauty that I had when I bought it."Witton's purse is expensive, so I'm a bit lost." But in a long time, you may think of it as a satisfactory shopping.

The best use of the standard item "Zippy Wallet"

Here we will explain the use of the Gippy Wallet.
There are various types of Jippy Wallet, so let' s take a look at the characteristics of the usability and design for each type of design.
Understand the characteristics of each and try to find a perfect piece of yours.

[Monogram] Zippy Wallet

First of all, the Jippy Wallet is a standard monogram.
It is no exaggeration to say that a monogram is a design that symbolizes Louis Vuitton.The characteristic LV logo and the flowers and stars inspired by the Japanese family crest are distributed to the splendid design.

Every time I take my purse, I will be fascinated by the beauty of it.Monograms are a longing for many women.

Monogram, Zipper Wallet _1

Let' s take a look at the size.The streets are as follows.

  • [Width] approximately 16 cm
  • [Height] About 10cm
  • [Depway] About 2 cm

Since the width of the 10,000 yen note is 16cm, it is recommended to have an image of 10,000 yen bills that will fit the plate.
The height is about 10 centimeters, and it is as sizable enough to fit in one hand.

Monogram, Zippeolet_2

There are 10 storage pockets in the card.In addition to a license card or a credit card, you can also store a card or a coupon in addition to a driver's license card or a credit card, so it is also convenient to carry a lot of cards.I have five open pockets, so I won't be in trouble for the expropriating side.

A standard monogram is perfect for the first time to buy a high-brand wallet.There is a stable feeling of stability in the world that has been loved for many years.
It's a good idea to buy Louis Vuitton's items for the first time, and to put together a standard monogram and raise the attractiveness of women more.

[monogram] amplant zippie wallet

The following is the amplant gippy wallet of monogram design.
This is not a standard dark brown color, but a more formal impression with a calm Marine rug color.
The delicate type press releases unique glossy texture and makes it simple and elegy.The decadiable design will help you gain the charm of your grown-ups.

Zippy Wallet _1

The size of the wallet introduced above is slightly different.

  • [HorizWidth W] About 20 cm
  • [Height H] About 10 cm
  • [Okuyuki D] approx. 2.3 cm

The width is a little wider, and the 10,000 yen note can be collected with a margin of spare time.


As the width becomes wider, the total storage space becomes wider, and the receipt of a receipt with the card is not a hindrnation.
In addition, 12 card pockets are always best for how to carry a lot of cards with a lot of cards.Since pockets are divided on the right and left sides, it is easy to understand where the card is lost, because the card is easy to pick up.
A simple, easy design can also be a business scene, and it is definitely not true.Do you always have to reward yourself as a reward for your work?

[monogram] graffiti zipper wallet

Zippy Wallet with a bold letter of LOUIS VUITTON.Behind the audacious design is a monogram without any means.

Graffiti Zippewet_1

The bright eyes in the vehle color will brightest you for each time you get it.
It is a unique design that enjos a different atmosphere than a typical monogram.
The size is not significantly different from the two wallets introduced above.

  • [HorizWidth W] About 19cm
  • Height H: approx. 10.5 cm
  • [Okuyuki D] approx. 2.3 cm

It is a width of 19cm, and can be placed in storage space even if it is put in a note.It's a little big to put in your pants pocket, so it's good to put it in your bag.

Graphity Zippewalet_2

Graffiti is the origin of the spring and summer collection in 2001.He was born at the time of the collaboration of "Mark Jacobs," the designer of Louis Vuitton, and the artist "Stephen Splauss," who influenced the music scene in the 1980s.

Designing with "street graffiti" is a perfect atmosphere for the current fashion of street fashion.
It's usually a Luxury line of Louis Vuitton, but the graffiti series is also a fusion of ragjuiallix street.

If you like street fashion, try to enjoy the fancy mood with a graffiti-series zippy wallet.


This time, he explained the "Zippy Wallet," a purse of Louis Vuitton's purse.Gippy wallet has a variety of reasons for popularity, such as the size and ease of use of storage space, and the attractiveness of design.
As a wallet, of course, by having a high-brand item called Louis Vuitton, you will be able to make more of your appeal as a woman.

Would you like to see the gippy wallet that many women yearn aspace to have a ragjuuary atmosphere in everyday life?