Viton, use of the ice impulse.

As the pace of cashless acceleration is accelerated, the way to carry out cash is gradually becoming less gradually.If you don't have to carry cash, you probably want to make your usual purse more compact.Louivon's "The Coimps" will be the only one who wants to be introduced to the new party.The coimpse is a compact, but storage space is a popular item for a smart-portable, generational item that is popular.

This time, I've summarized the characteristics and use of this kind of Louis Vuitton's coimpulse.In the second half, you will also introduce the best of the cosine, so if you're considering buying a coin-case study, you can use it as a guide.

The Louis Vuitton, Coimpse,

Louis Vuitton's coimpse is a coin-case version of the "Zippy Wallet," a popular item in the wallet.

In recent years, the flow of cashless flows has progressified, and it is not likely that cash or cards will be used to pay for cash or cards.However, it is necessary to collect the card, and it may be necessary to have cash in it.

The coimpse you will introduce this time is a good item for you.It's a small size in your pocket, so it's a lacrak.On the other hand, cards, small coins, and so on, can also be collected, so the wallet is not available.You can spend your day-to-day life smarter.

Louis Vuitton's coimpse is a compact size, but a card can contain five to seven cards, and a small amount of small coins is sufficient, so the specs are high enough.

If you're looking for a coin-case for a long time and adhesive, the Louvitton's glass of Coopath is recommended.In the beginning of the next paragraph, I will introduce two of Louis Vuitton's ice impulses.

[Monogram] Zippy Coimpers

First of all, I'm going to introduce you to the standard monogram, Zippy, and the impulse.
"I'm not going to buy any of Louis Vuitton's items, so I'm not going to buy any of them." "How about that?"
A monogram is a design that symbolizes Louis Vuitton, and it is not too much to say, but it is recognized as a "Louis Vuitton item" by looking at the design.

Let' s take a look at the size.These are as follows:

  • Width: approx. 11 cm
  • Height: about 8.5cm
  • Deptime: about 2 cm
Monogram, Zippy, Coimpers.

The sizing is fairly compact, and it fits tightly to the strings of the male's.It might be a little larger than a woman's hand.
However, you don't have to worry about problems such as it's hard to have because it's good for a Ladies.

Coimpus compact

"If it's a compact size, it's a small storage space."
Don't worry about it.The exproprient space of the Zippy-Coimps can be well received if it is a normal walking card or a small coin.
The inner storage pockets are as follows:

  • Mached Compartment x2
  • Uchi flat pocket x2
  • Business Pocket
  • Card Pocket x4

There are various names, but I can simply think that there are nine card pockets.
There is a partition in the middle of which coins are placed in small coins.It is a round-and-open, round-jip-fasner, so it's a rach

The attractiveness of the functionality is, of course, but the charm of design is very stubbornly packed.
The opening and closing fastener uses gold fittings that have been engraved in Louis Vuitton, and reproduces the high-end luxury.In addition, a standard monogram design is attracted to the eye, and it is fascinating as it can be seen several times.

Would you like to touch the charm of Louvitton, which has been so obstinable as to make it a great charm?
A woman would be delighed to give a present for her as a present for a present when she was a woman.

Zippy Kopimpusse

The following is the coimpse of the Tygerline, which appeared as the first Menzline in Louivington.
Taiga is characterized by a simple, sophisticated design that has no mudas.There is no flashy like a monogram, but I feel the charm of an adult who is calmer.
The size of such a tiger's coimpse is slightly different than the one described above.
Let' s take a look at the size.

  • Width: about 7 cm
  • Height: approx. 11.5cm
  • For depth: Approximated 1.5 cm
Taiga, Zippy, the Coimpse, Black.

Keep your width down and make a smarter impression.It is easy to fit in the palm of the hand, and easily from the pocket.
This glass of glass is sold as a mending line.

Taiga, Zippy, Koimpus, Rear.
It's in the Taiga Zippy Coimpse.

As it became smaller, the storage space would be less than the coimpse introduced above, but it would still be sufficient to accept the coins or the cards.For example, a transportation IC card, a credit card, a license card, and so on, are sufficient for carrying out a walk.
Let' s take a look at the number of pockets.These are as follows:

  • Card Pocket x2
  • Business Pocket for Business Card
  • Small-change compartment x2

I have a total of four pockets, so I recommend that you don't carry a card so much from the usual way.

A simple simple design, which is characteristic of a tiger, has a cool feeling and a cool impression that it's a smart way to make a cool impression.Menzlines are characterized by black-based design, and inconspicuating the wounds, which are often given to businessmen who use them frequently.Originally, the calm design of the tigerline is designed to be used in business scenes.


This time, I introduced a hand-winning and recommended item for Louis Vuitton's coin-case "Coimpas."While the coimpse is a coincase, the storage space is widely used as a "small wallet".

As the cashless progress continues, the flow will continue to permeate, and the coincase may be a mast item.If you want to change your way to a smart style, consider buying a smart, smart, smart item like a coimpse.