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Louis Vuitton is the admiration of many adult women.
Among such Louis Vuitton, the enamel bag that gives off a unique luster is one of the items that you find particularly attractive.

The official name of Louis Vuitton enamel bag is a kind of model series called "Verni". This time, we will introduce the enamel items of the popular series "Verni" among such Louis Vuitton.

If you want a popular enamel bag or a recommended enamel bag, please check it out!

Speaking of Louis Vuitton enamel bag, Verni

Louis Vuitton enamel bag that gives off a unique luster. Since it is a popular item, it is likely to be seen often in town.

The Louis Vuitton enamel bag is actually a model series item called "Verni".

Verni is a model created by Louis Vuitton and is one of the popular series alongside the representative models of Louis Vuitton such as Monogram and Damier.

The official name of Verni is called "Monogram Verni", and as its name suggests, the items of Verni series are embossed with monogram.

The design, which combines the glossiness of enamel and the embossing of monograms, is a novel design, and since its introduction in 1998, it has continued to remain popular.

Verni was announced by the famous designer, "Marc Jacobs." He designed Verni for his debut collection.

The monograms and damiers that had been announced until then had few color variations, and had only dark colors such as dark brown and black.

On the other hand, the Verni series developed a wide variety of colors. Bright pink, beige, yellow, purple, etc. have greatly changed the impression of Louis Vuitton, which used to be dark.

There is another feature of the Verni series. It uses high-quality leather called calfskin.

Calfskin is the skin of 6-month-old lamb and is considered to be the finest cowhide. The characteristic of calfskin is that it is soft and thin. You can see that the material is gentle to the touch and is a high-quality material.

Compared to the synthetic fiber PVC used in the Monogram series, the Verni series uses a high-quality genuine leather material, which gives Marc Jacobs a special feeling for the Verni series. .

Introducing 6 recommended enamel bags for Louis Vuitton

Here are 6 recommended enamel bags.
If you are considering purchasing an enamel bag, please choose your favorite item from these.

Verni patent handbag


"Verni patent handbag" that bronze color gives off bright light. A monogram canvas is embossed on the surface, and the iconic design is characteristic. Essentials like your cell phone, wallet or pouch fits in this bag. Fashionable coloring ahead of spring will bring out a light impression.

Verni shoulder bag diagonal bag shoulder bag

Verni_shoulder_diagonal_shoulder bag

A shoulder bag with a perfect combination of patent leather and numen leather. Not only can this shoulder bag be hung on your shoulder, but it can also be used as a crossway bag that can be hung diagonally. Even in active situations, it will fully demonstrate its presence without becoming baggage.

You can store a lot of luggage with a wide width, so your luggage will not overflow outside anymore. Not only is it attractive as a fashion item, but it's also one of the nice points that the original functions of the bag are fulfilled.

Verni Montana Mini Boston

Verni_Montana_Mini Boston

"Montana mini-Boston" that is ideal for a 1-2-night excursion
In addition to the black solid feeling, the gold color of the metal fittings gives a more luxurious feeling.

The patent leather, which gives off a unique luster, is sure to attract attention from the surroundings. The bottom part is fitted with metal fittings so that the bag can stand stably, so you do not have to worry about the bag falling over and spilling the drink inside. An all-rounder bag that combines functionality and fashionability.

Verni Tompkins

Verni Tompkins

Tompkins with a wide handle that is easy to hold. If you are tired of holding it, you can hang it on your shoulder. It looks like a sports bag and is ideal for storing a lot of luggage. The "pursuit of beauty" woven by the monogram and patent leather that have been stamped on the surface of the bag will make you shine even more.

Verni Catalina BB

Verni Catalina BB

The compact size of the "Katarina BB" is the perfect handbag for daily use. The structure without partitions allows you to store everything you need for a short outing or shopping.

The bright rose velour color will make you look fashionable ahead of spring. You can enjoy fashion by adding Catalina BB to the light clothing.

Verni Summit Drive handbag

Verni_Summit Drive_Handbag

A Summit drive with a large handbag and excellent storage surface. Not only essential items, but everything you buy on the go can be stored in this bag.

In terms of design, the handle's natural leather that allows you to fully enjoy the original charm of the leather, combined with the glossy feel of the black-painted patent leather, gives a solid finish. It is such a bag that you can enjoy fashion regardless of the season.

Extra 2 Verni items

From here is the extra edition. I will introduce two items of the Verni series other than the enamel bag.
Why don't you enjoy fashionable items with Verni series?

Verni Zippy Coin Purse

Verni_zippy_coin purse

The Verni series Zippy Coin Purse is a small item, but it fully demonstrates its presence. The surface of the enamel finish is embossed with a monogram, and everyone will notice that it is "Louis Vuitton!"

This item is highly recommended for those who want to stick to details in fashion.

Verni Porto Monet Chapo

Verni _ Porto Monet Shapo

"Porto Monet Chapeau" has a big difference in form from Zippy Coin Purse. It features a round feminine shape, and the opening and closing is a fastener type. It's the perfect size for taking out coins and folded wads, and it's intuitive and easy to use.

With the chain attached to the fastener, it gives a gorgeous impression. Recommended for those who like the rounded and cute design.


This time, we introduced the charm and features of the Verni series of Louis Vuitton enamel bags, and recommended Verni series items.

The Verni series has a gorgeous design that embosses a popular monogram with a unique luster. Furthermore, it uses a high-quality leather material called calfskin, which shows that it is one of the most authentic model series of Louis Vuitton.

Why don't you take the Verni series and add gorgeousness to your daily life?

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