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Louis Vuitton is popular with many women. There are many attractive bags, and many people are wondering which one to choose. The item introduced this time is one of the most popular Louis Vuitton bags.Never full」。

Neverfull has an outstanding storage capacity and is available in three sizes. In this article, we will introduce the usability of each Neverful size and five recommended items.

By understanding the usability for each size, you can understand which size of Neverfull suits you, so if you are considering purchasing Neverfull, please refer to it.

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Features of Louis Vuitton Neverfull

The name "Never full" comes from the meaning of "Never full", and it was created with the concept of "a bag that does not overflow no matter how much you put in it." Neverfull was released in 2007. It goes back more than 10 years ago.
Fashion items are changing rapidly, and they are unlikely to remain popular for a long time.

Among them, Neverful is a long-selling item that has been loved for over 10 years. It's so popular that it's said to be "the face of Louis Vuitton," but why do you feel so much? that is,Never fullThere are 3 charms.

  • Excellent storage capacity
  • Rugged construction that does not break even with 100 kg of luggage
  • Wide range of sizes

Excellent storage capacity

Created with the concept of "a bag that does not overflow, no matter how much you put in it," the Neverful is still attractive because it has excellent storage capacity. A lot of luggage is needed when a woman goes out, such as a pouch, wallet, and key case.

Depending on the case, you can put documents, put a computer...
Even in such a case, if you use Neverful, which is excellent in storage, your luggage can be completely stored. The height of the bag is high enough that it won't overflow and look clunky.

For a woman who usually has a lot of luggage, a bag that has excellent storage like Neverful will be a strong ally when going out.

Rugged construction that does not break even with 100 kg

Storage capacity is not the only charm of Neverful.

The handle part of the Neverful seems to be unreliable due to its thin shape at first glance, but it is made by cutting out one piece of leather thickly and reinforcing it with two stitches. It is said that it can endure.

Of course, I don't think I will hold 100kg of luggage, but you can see that it is sturdy. The bag will lose its shape or lose its shape after repeated use, but one of the attractions is that the durable Neverful can be used for a long time.

Wide range of sizes

Neverfull is available in three sizes, PM, MM, and GM, and you can choose according to your usage and purpose.

For example, if you don't usually have a lot of luggage, you can choose a smaller size, and if you want to use it on a trip or a business trip, you can choose a larger size. It is one of

Neverfull is still old! Popular items that are still loved

Launched in 2007, it has been around for more than 10 yearsNever full.. It's a long-lasting item, so some people may think that it's old...

Although Louis Vuitton has been introducing innovative items one after another as the times have changed, Neverfull has established itself as a so-called "standard line." As an icon that stands on the back of the brand, it has a charm that does not fade, and it has been supported by many fans as a "standard".

In December 2019, such a special model was announced as a collection item in collaboration with the popular online game "League Of Legends".

As a classic Louis Vuitton series, Neverful has remained popular since its release.

Neverfull 3 sizes and usability

From here,Never fullIntroducing the size and usability of each of the three sizes PM, MM, and GM.

Get a feel for each size and think about which size is right for you.

The most compact "PM"

Width (cm) Height (cm) Gusset (cm)




PM is the most compact size of Neverfull. With a reasonable size, you can easily store things that you usually use for going out, such as mobile phones, wallets, and pouches.

A size that is not too large is ideal for everyday use. It will be useful in situations such as going out with friends and shopping with lots of baggage.

Easy to use "MM"

Width (cm) Height (cm) Gusset (cm)




The MM size is also a size that can store A4 size files, documents, laptops, etc. People who travel and travel a lot will inevitably have a lot of luggage, so the MM size with excellent storage capacity is probably the best choice.

Since it has a pocket inside, you can store your cell phone that you want to take out immediately. Even if you put a lot of luggage in it, you don't have to look for it in the bag.

Reliable large-capacity model "GM"

Width (cm) Height (cm) Gusset (cm)




The largest size GM of Neverfull is a size that all luggage can be fully accommodated for a 1-2 night excursion.

Clothes, stoles, mufflers, pouches, etc. fit well. The height is also quite high at 32 cm, so you do not have to worry about your luggage overflowing. :

GM size is recommended for women who like to travel, who are often traveled.

5 recommended never fulls

Neverfull has a large selection of various model line items.

Here are five recommended never fulls. WhichNever fullIf you are wondering whether to do this, please refer to it!

[Damie] Neverfull GM

Damier _Neverfull_GM

Damier pattern that symbolizes Louis Vuitton. At first glance, the design that can be seen as Louis Vuitton is sure to attract attention from the surroundings.
In addition, when it comes to the largest GM size, its presence is overwhelming. The GM size has excellent storage capacity and is ideal for short trips. A wonderful memory of travelNever fullWhy don't you try coloring with it?

[Monogram] Neverfull MM


It is no exaggeration to say that the monogram pattern is a representative design of Louis Vuitton. Since the time when Louis Vuitton was a travel bag specialty store, the monogram pattern has been used, so it is the oldest design alongside Damier.

ifNever fullIf you are unsure about which design to choose, why not try choosing a monogram pattern. The sophisticated design of the monogram gives you a sense of luxury as a high brand. The MM size has excellent storage capacity and is the perfect size for women who usually have a lot of luggage.

When you go out, you will be able to produce a "adult woman unlike any other" by incorporating a high-quality monogram.

[Epi] Neverfull MM


Epi has a simple design and is perfect for women who want to add an adult impression. The fine embossing brings out the luxury of leather to the maximum and gives a glossy impression. For women who are active in the business scene, a simple bag with no waste is suitable.

[Monogram] Rose Neverfull MM


If you have a feeling that you don't want to wear other people, how about this bag? This is a never-full design featuring a monogram pattern with roses.

The monogram pattern is a very popular pattern, so many women carry it around when they go out to the city. Therefore, it is difficult to differentiate. But with this rose bag, you won't wear it in town. Recommended for those who want to add a unique impressionNever fullis.

[Damier] White never full PM

Damier _ White _ Neverfull _ PM

Damier White is recommended for those who want to add a feminine and bright impression. Common Damier has a slightly dark brown/black impression, but white is bright and easy to match with fashion.

Never fullPM is the best size for everyday use. When you go out, you can relax with the casual fashion by matching the white Damier pattern.


This time, Louis Vuitton icon item "Never fullAbout the features, usability and recommended items for each size.

Neverful is a bag that has been loved by many women for a long time with its sophisticated design and excellent storage capacity.
If you're worried about having a lot of luggage, why don't you enjoy Neverful's excellent storage capacity and selected design?