She's a present of Louisvitton.

"I want to give her an item of Louis Vuitton!"
` But how do you choose which? '

Are you sure you don't have a problem with this article?
I have a special feeling for her, and Louis Vuitton is not a cheap shopping, so I'm lost.

This article introduces 11 items from Louis Vuitton to her as a gift to her.
You will be able to decide on a gift for her by reading this article.You can use it as a reference!

History of Louis Vuitton

The history of Louis Vuitton dates back to about 160 years from now.Founder Louis was active as a suitcase craftsman since he was young, and his ability was enough to place orders from the French royal family.Louis, with a certain skill, founded a travel and kabane store in 1854.That store is our modern Louis Vuitton.

The echo to the manufacture of Louis Vuitton was absolutely certain.Nmeg, which is used in the steering part of items such as bags, is to be thoroughly processed by hand without using chemical and other chemical substances.A natural leather is a product of which the natural attraction of leather was pursued.

It is not the only place to stick to manufacturing.The monogram, the representative model line of Louis Vuitton, is made so that the L and V marks are always placed in front of the product.

We believe that thorough obsession with these products is one of the reasons Louis Vuitton has long been loving for a long time.

a series of Louis Vuiton series

The items of Louis Vuitton have a lot of popular series.Before choosing a gift for a lover, let' s first look at the characteristics of each of the popular series.


Speaking of Louis Vuitton, it is not too much to say that monograms are the most famous.Even if you are not familiar with the brand, you may know it is Louis Vuitton, if you look at it.

It is influenced by the family crest in Japan, and it is characterized by a combination of rogomarks, flowers, and stars that combine the brand's initiators L and V.

Monograms are a series of casual styles and modic styles, so it is easy to use and use a monogram as a series.A gift for a young woman in her 20s who is sensitive to fashion is a monogram, which is clearly known as Louis Vuitton.


Epi is the model line for the image of the "ear of barley in the wind."It's not a flashy design like a monogram or a damier, but a simple design that feels simple and adullable.A fine type of pressing will release a unique luster, and a simple appearance does not make it dilute with a high level of premium.

Epi, who is also active in business scenes, is a piztali for a boyfriend who is working hard every day.Would you like to give an epi for a woman in her 20s to 30s who started to feel the charm of an adult?


Along with the monogram, Damié is one of the model lines that represent Louis Vuitton.
It is a design inspired by a Japanese city-pine pattern, and is characterized by a revolutionary design made of two colors.
It is a perfect design for a woman in her 20s who is sensitive to fashion as well as a monogram, as it is a design that is known as Louis Vuitton.


Verni is a moderator's model line using a high-grade leather product, "Kirfskin".
The carfskin is characterized by an enamel processing and a distinctive glossy design, which is characterized by a type of monogram-type push.
You can also choose bright colors, such as light pink or red, with a variety of color variations.

Verni is a moderation model line for lovers who prefer individualistic items.
The abundance of the unique luster and color of the color is not covered in any other way, but it will be valuable as an item that brings out individuality.


Taiga was announced as the first Men' s Modeler line of Louis Vuitton.
The design of the business use is distinctive, and the type-on is more delicate than the epi.

Taiga can only be used in a business scene, and it's simple to see.
For this reason, she is recommended to draw the charm of a restless adult to her.It is best for a whisper, a gift, to be chased in on a job.

List of Louis Vuitton's 11 items in a pictalito

Let' s take a look at a present for a lover, a real subject!
I think the items chosen by presenting gifts such as birthday, anniversary, and employment celebration will change a little bit.
I'll introduce you to a wide variety of genre items, so look for a nice present for you to give to your lovers!

Epimmülticle 6-Keycase

Epipe Myrticle 6_KeepCase

"Monograms and Damiae may be a little young." How about a simple epi-keycase for her?
The ragomark of Louis Vuitton, which is flattened in the shape of a linear-like type, gives a high level of sense.

KeeCase is a stationary item for a present.There is no doubt that it will be welcomed.

Epipol Crealma Key Holder

Epi-Porto Crealma, Key Holder

Would you like to get a present for a key holder in return for White Day?A bag-shaped design is a gift that makes sense.It's a good point for you to give your hands a price band that is easy to reach.

It's not a big gift, but it's nice to give you a little thing that feels like this.

Velni-Zippy, coopath.

Verny Zippy, Coimpse.

Verni's distinctive phoenical aspect is characterized by a perfect gift for her, who usually castes scathing about the small things.These small coincases are very practical, and they will often be used frequently.

Epi Porto Monnet.


This coin-case is a simple appearance, and a simple look is characteristic of Verni.Would you like to see "Verni a little flashy"? How would you like to choose an epi case?Her eyes are fitted to her as she is aiming for a "big woman" as she doesn't have too much of her own.

Monogram Portofouille Elise

Monogram, Portofouille Elise

Port-for-ille Elise, a multifunctional item with not only a coin-case but also a card case function.Her wallet, regularly scheduled, and coinage are always a lot of stuff, and she's a very good example of this item.
The high level with a monogram will lead her to a beautiful woman with more comfort.

Monogram Gippy Wallet

Monogram Zippewallet

How about a gift of monogram as a present when you have such an idea as a "special gift for your birthday or anniversary?"

The type of a monogram may feel a special feeling that is not in the other brands.Your wallet is a fastener type, so you don't have to worry about dropping out the cards or the money in your pocket.

Damié-Port-Fouille Plaza

Daemie-Portofouille Plaza

This is the flap-type wallet of the damnier.Design, which symbolizes Louis Vuitton, is a fashion sensitive to her, and it is not right to be pleased.I recommend you a gift for a special day.

Ephalma Commuter Kaban (handbag)

Ephi Alma, Commuter Kaban.

I recommend that you give me a commuter bag for her work. The design of EPI is simple and can be used even in business scene. I would be happy to present you as a gift for a job.

Jasmine handbag

Ephi Jasmine Handbag

The jasmine of epigenetic is a lovely form of round shape. It is a design in which the charm of the adult which EPI releases is felt in the affection. It is a bag that is easy to match with the fashion even if it is private, and it is one of the points that can be used.

Monogram graffiti speedy 30

Monogram, graffiti, Speedy 30.

The graffiti design is distinctive appearance. It is a design with the English character, and the monogram also shows a different expression. Perfect for her gift that likes casual fashion.

Damier never full mm

Damié Neverful MM

Neverfull is a popular item of Louis Vuitton that continues more than 10 years from the release.
Why don't you give her a nice full gift to her?
The nevor is large in storage space, and it doesn't overflow even if putting a lot of luggage.
In addition, if you pull the string again, it changes into a square form, and it is full of the aspect as a fashionable item.


This time I introduced Louis Vuitton's item as a present to her.
Louis Vuitton's item is very good for each gift.
The price is not cheap, but she will surely receive your present.

Please give me a nice present and have a wonderful time!

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