Louis Vuitton shoulder bag _ popular _ introduction

The Louis Vuitton bag that many women yearn for, regardless of age.In particular, the shoulder bag is one of the bags that are loved regardless of the season to see well in the city.

I want a Louis Vuitton bag that is loved by so many people!For you, this article will introduce you to the classic Louis Vuitton shoulder bag and its features.What kind of shoulder bag do you have?If you are interested, please use it as a reference.

Louis Vuitton shoulder bag popular model

Now, let's take a look at the Louis Vuitton shoulder bag by model.

Each one has a different appeal and different uses.Try to find a bag that fits you.

Louis Vuitton pm

Louis Vuitton EPI twist PM

The epitaxial PM material is made of high-quality EPI-twisted leather.The epiresor is characterized by a fine and delicate embossing, and the appearance is also a calm impression.

The bold LV mark, the symbol of Louis Vuitton, is sure to attract attention in any location.The shoulder pat is attached to the shoulder part, so you will not get tired even if you hang it on your shoulders for a long time.The chain is made of the same color and material as the LV mark, and it is a design that makes you feel elegance.

Louis Vuitton Taiga Anton Messenger

Louis Vuitton, Tyga, Anton, Messenger.

A chic and stylish look, the taiga Anton Messenger is the first of its kind in the men's line-up.

A very fine-textured Tylenol leather gives an adult impression to the owner.It has 4 pockets, so it is very convenient to store all small items such as music player, charger and key case.

Because it is a simple design that can be used in the business scene, it can be used in such as transportation to the bag for commuting, business trip.If you want to boost your appeal as a businessman, Taiga Anton Messenger is the choice.

Louis Vuitton monogram Hudson GM

Louis Vuitton monogram Hudson

It is the most representative monogram bag of Louis Vuitton.

The name "Hudson" seems to have been named after the Hudson River, which represents New York.The design was created by Marc Jacobs, a global designer.

A feature of the Hudson bag is the high functionality, the appearance of which is matched by the monogram and nume leather.There are 5 pockets, so you can store cosmetics, mobile phones, handkerchiefs, and other small items.Monogram pattern is not an exaggeration to say that the design symbolizes Louis Vuitton, you can recognize it as a high brand just by looking at the bag.

Louis Vuitton monogram Musette Tango

Louis Vuitton monogram Musette

It is also a shoulder bag with a distinctive monogram pattern.

It's a great way to get your hands on some of the most iconic pieces of furniture in the world.You can easily open and close the zipper, but you can always open and close it with a flap.The size of the bag, which can be stored up to A4 size, is also attractive.

A busy career woman often finds time to pack documents and other items into her bag.In such a case, if it is a small bag, you need to fold it and put it, but if it is a musette, you can store the important documents without folding it.

In pursuit of not only design but also convenience, the Musette will add comfort and elegance to you busy at work.

Louis Vuitton, Damiena, viglio.

Louis Vuitton, Damier, Navi, glio.

The Louis Vuitton-inspired dress featured a thigh-skimming hemline and a plunging neckline.

Damier's 2-color plaid is distinctive, and the design of Damier was used in Louis Vuitton for a long time than the monogram.It is attractive that the width of the storage is wide in such a bag of NA vigrio of Damier pattern.

Even if heavy luggage is put in, the wide shoulder portion will reduce the burden on the shoulder, so it will be very useful when there is a little more luggage than usual, such as a small outing or a day trip.For example, you can put a single-lens reflex camera to keep memories of your trip.If you have a lot of opportunities to travel or go out, why not try using it?

Louis Vuitton monogram looping MM

Louis Vuitton monogram looping

The looping MM is a simple one-handle bag with an arc-shaped shoulder.

With a pretty look like a kimono bag, you do not choose the age of the person who has.The shoulder part adopts the "nume leather", we reproduce a more luxurious design.There is a pocket inside, so you can use it without any complaints about the storage surface.

Since it is a bag that can be used even for a little party etc. from everyday use, it is useful if you have 1.

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite yon

Louis Vuitton, Damier, Yorn.

Damier Yeung, which is valued as a business bag, is one of the attractive 1 large storage space.

Since the items necessary for businessmen such as personal computers and documents fits perfectly, it is very active in moving to a business trip.It is a 2WAY type with shoulder straps, so even if you carry heavy luggage, you will not feel dissatisfied.And Damier design is more beautiful than ever, and it will surely stay in the eye of the beholder.

How about choosing a good bag as a tool to raise the mood of work?

Louis Vuitton monogram Saint Michel

Louis Vuitton monogram Saint Michel

Saint-Michel is a bag made from 2 materials: Epi-leather and monogrammed canvas.The outer side of the bag is made of Epi-leather and the surface is patterned with a monogram pattern.It is a luxurious design that combines 2 materials representing Louis Vuitton, you can feel a special feeling unlike other bags.

It is small as a bag, and it will be active as a mast item for your usual trip.The width of the shoulder part is elongated and beautiful form, and it highlights the elegance of the bag.It's not the first time she's been spotted out with her beau.

"I want something different from everyone else!"」

If so, try choosing Saint-Michel.

Louis Vuitton monogram mini-Kont de femmes

Louis Vuitton monogram Combe de femmes

Konteau is characterized by a lovely design with fawn and mushroom drawn.The word "konteau" has the meaning of"fairy tale", and the fairytale-like, fairytale-like, lovely design is drawn.Because it is a casual design, it is very recommended for everyday use.

At first glance, it is a design that feels"scary"depending on the person, but it is very individual and has an artistic side.Louis Vuitton's popular items are great items that can be accepted by many people, but at the same time they tend to fade in personality.

Even in such a case, the contdue is a design that makes you feel individuality, and it is possible to differentiate yourself from others.

"I want to be unique!""I like the cute design!」

It is a perfect bag for such a woman.


This timeLouis VuittonIt featured 9 shoulder bags.It would be great if they knew that the differences in material and design would be noticeable depending on the model.

The Shoulder Bag 9 that I introduced this time are all popular, it is a must-have bag out of stock.If you have a favorite bag, we recommend getting it as soon as possible.The bag can be said to be a necessity for some people.If you have such a necessity as a high-brand 1, you will feel better even if you go out every day.Get a Louis Vuitton bag and make your day better.

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