Louis Vuitton, shoulder bag, leather.

Louvitton is often chosen as a gift for a lover or an important person.

In the name of Louis Vuitton, the bag is famous and is still fascinated by the celebrating world's celebrating brand in the 1800s as a carpetbag workshop.

The Louis Vuitton bag is a design pattern of monograms and damers, but another characteristic is the use of Nummeh.

There is a high quality image of N' Mehu, and there are many people who feel a sense of high quality in the new world of Nummeleather.

In addition, the Louis Vuitton product has a model with a carfskin other than numa-leather.

This time, I would like to introduce a popular shalder bag, which is popular in the bag, with the charm of leather.

If you want to know more about Louis Vuitton's bag, please don't use it as a reference.

Louis Vuitton, speaking of nude leather.

Louis Vuitton

Perhaps it is a design of a stalk like a monogram or a damnier that reminds you of Louis Vuitton, but in fact, the material used in Louis Vuitton is a material called "Numereca".

As shown in the image above, the leather material used in the bag of the bag is called 'N' mahu, 'and many people think that' it is a very common material. '

What kind of material do you think is the kind of nume leather that is so crowded with it?

Let' s take a closer look at Numeather from the next paragraph.


Numerical leather refers to leather that is made using the tattoo 'tannin' of plant astringency.

"Name" is to prevent the skin of animals from decaying or hardening, so that they can be used as a product.

It is generally referred to as 'skin,' and after the tanning, it is referred to as ' leather. '

Such a nude leather is also called a natural leather, so the natural attractiveness of leather is felt.

That would be the case, and the reef does not use any chemicals or any other chemical agent in the process of processing.

Therefore, a beautiful look similar to the original leather will be recreated.

It is also considered one of the reasons for the fact that the use of nummeg is often used in the bag of Louis Vuitton as one of the reasons for the fact that there is a beautiful element like this.

N' Mehu is also known for having a long, durable material.

As you continue to use the tunas, it is also attractive for your bag to be full of luxury.

Noumet with a high level of luxury

As a high-brand, Louis Vuitton is considered to be a brand that has an image of high quality.

The expensive image is, of course, a good reason for the brand's tradition, history, and use of foreign celebries, but the most expensive image of the product is the appearance of the product.

  • a characteristic damrier or monogram
  • Product Design
  • a nug that is used in the hands or details of a bag

These are beautifully woefully interwozable, and they feel that a high-grade image of Louis Vuitton has been made.

Is the surface material not leather?

Do you know the Monogram, Damié, and these surface materials that represent Louis Vuitton, not leather?

In fact, it uses a synthetic resin called "PVC" on the surface of a monogram or a damier.PVC is a polyvinyl chloride resin, which is a so-called vinyl-processed plastic.

However, the PVC used by Louis Vuitton uses a material called "tonic", which is particularly expensive in PVCs.

Since general vinyl processing is completely different from the resistance to durability, water resistance, and chemicals, it is not true that Louis Vuitton's surface material uses high-quality material even if it is not the main leather.

But when you hear synthetic resins and vinyl processing, you suddenly feel cheap.There may be a bad image of Louis Vuitton.

So why is it that Louis Vuitton uses synthetic resin materials, not leather materials?

The reason for this is that Louis Vuitton has a position to refrain from using animal materials as much as possible in terms of natural protection and animal protection.(i) You can feel a great idea as a company.

In fact, the product is reproducing a high-end view of the product.

This kind of designer's ideas and ingenuity is one of the reasons why Louis Vuitton is often referred to as a high-brand name.

the charm of a carfskin that is not just the fruit of a nube

The leather material that symbolizes Louis Vuitton is not just the Noumu leather.

The material, such as the carfskin, is also used in the representative model of Louis Vuitton.

Kirfskin is the leather of calves within six months of life, and is one of the best materials in the cattle.

Compared to other cattle-leather, shark is more fine, soft, and thin, and it is characterized by a high level of high quality.

It has been explained that synthetic resin is used on the surface of the damrier or monogram, but there are three models that use the carfskin.

Let' s take a look at the three models using the carfskin.


Epi is one of the first line lines to represent Louis Vuitton, which was born in 1985.

Epi means "barley" in French, and the name "epi" has been named because the shape of the shape of a type-like press appears in the ear of "the ear of barley."

The appearance is very simple, and it's good for design that is not too far-claimed.

The quality leather material used in the epi is characterized by its high durability and durability, which is hard to break and be resistant to water.

It is popular as a model line that is loved for a long time, because it makes a deep impression and a glossy feeling as much as it uses.

Epi is especially popular among women in their late twenties and thirties.It's a simple, easy impression, so I don't choose a formal scene or a place to use it.

"I want to have a very strong impression!" This is a moderation model line.


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Verni was a moderator of Louis Vuitton's debut film, "Mark Jacobs", in 1998.

Verni means "enamel," meaning "enamel" in French, and is enameled to the carfskin skin.

The distinctive feature of Verni is that it is also a peculiar enamel-processing glossy.

A sense of twitty makes the sense of high quality more conductoriable.

In fact, all of Verni's model lines have a type of monogram-shaped bargain.

The full name of Verni is called "Monogram Verni", which is named after the monogram.

Verni is particularly popular among women in their 20s and 30s who are fashionable and fashionable.

In recent years, you can see a young woman carrying Verni's bag on her way.

It is nice to have a glazed veli with a glazed, glossy impression to make the feel of a good quality in private space.


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Taiga was born in 1993 as the first Menzhline in Louvington, Germany.

The design of the Tiga is based on the design of the business use, instead of the previous, fashionable design.

Taiga seems to be a Russian word meaning "coniferous forest in the region."

It is a thick, stylish design, and it is more sensitive than the epic I introduced earlier.

You will be particularly active in the business scene, because the sense of tsuya is being created sparingly.

Tiga is particularly popular among businessmen in their late 20s and 30s.

Men in their late 20s and 30s are the age of their bosses who have subordinates in the company.

If you want to raise your aspirant superiors, you might want to choose the model line of the Tiga.


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How did you like it?

This time, we introduced three models of leather used in the bag of Louis Vuitton, and the models used by Kafskin, a high-quality material.

Louis Vuitton's high-end secrets can be found in the materials that are being used and the design that is attached to it.

The three models that I introduced this time are the representative model line of Louis Vuitton.

The price is not cheap, but it is certain that it will be passed as a present for a lover or an important person.

I hope you will consider it as a valuable gift.

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