There are many brands of cognac, but the brand that produces high-quality cognac with a high fragrance is "Rémy Martin".

Remy Martin is a cognac brand that continues to produce fragrant cognac with the best blends using grapes grown in the highest peaks.

Here, we will introduce the history and outline of Remy Martin, the main lineup, recommended drinking methods, and snacks that go well with it.

About "Remy Martin", a synonym for cognac

Here, we will introduce the history and outline of the representative cognac brand "Remy Martin".

History of Remy Martin

Remy Martin is a French company that mainly produces and sells cognac.

The Remy Martin family manufactures brandy with the encouragement of King Louis XIII of France, and due to its reputation, the Remy Martin company was born in the Cognac region in 1724.

All of Remy Martin's cognacs are made in Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, the highest lands in the Cognac region.

Cognac made by combining these two soils is called "Fine Champagne Cognac".

Achievement of the 4th generation Emile Remy Martin

The 4th generation Emile Remy Martin contributed significantly to the development of Remy Martin.

We thoroughly controlled the quality of cognac and established a management policy. In addition to selling cognac barrels, which was the mainstream at the time, we also sold boxes, which had not been widely used until then.

He also works on the symbol of Remy Martin, "Centaur".

Remy Martin symbol mark

In 1874, Emile registered a trademark for a symbol invented by the Centaur called "Centaur".

The centaur represents the harmony between humans and nature, and was chosen as a powerful and divine symbol reminiscent of the origins of cognac, "human" and "earth."

World-class luxury brandy "Remy Martin Louis XIII"

One of Emile's greatest achievements is the sale of "Louis XIII" in the most beautiful bottle of "Rémy Martin".

The bottle of Louis XIII is heavily influenced by the Italian Renaissance and is adorned with the emblem of the French royal family.

Emile got the right to copy this bottle, packed it with the best cognac in his company, and released it under the name "Louis XIII".

Features of Remy Martin

Here, we will explain the characteristics of cognac produced by Remy Martin.

Use the finest grapes

At Rémy Martin, we use the finest land, Grand Champagne, followed by grapes harvested from Petite Champagne for cognac.

The vines are only first-class products over 100 years old, and the resulting cognac is called "Fine Champagne Cognac" and is rare and of high quality.

Distillation method that values ​​tradition

Remy Martin uses a distillation method called the "Leeds distillation method" that does not filter Leeds (the cage in the liquid).

The Leeds distillation method involves two distillations that allow Leeds to settle on the bottom of the pot over a long period of time without filtration.

By doing this, the wine contains amino acids, and a rich taste and richness are created.

The Leeds distillation method shows a stance of respecting the tradition of Remy Martin and not pursuing efficiency.

Uses oak barrels from the Limousin region

Remy Martin uses barrels made of oak from the Limousin region for aging the raw liquor. Oak is a large tree that is 100 to 150 years old and is said to be the most suitable for aging raw sake.

Flavor like perfume

Cellar Master Georges Claw has created a perfume-like flavor in Remy Martin's cognac.

He is truly a "blending conductor" who skillfully blends raw sake of various ages.

Basic way to drink cognac

Basic way to drink cognac

Here, we will introduce the basic way to drink cognac.

Know the grade (rank) of cognac

When considering how to drink cognac, it is important to know the grade (rank) that indicates the degree of cognac aging. Different degrees of maturity will change the appropriate way of drinking.

The grade of cognac is determined based on "comte", which is a unit of age.

From 4/1 after distillation to 3/31 of the following year is counted as control 0, and from the next 4/1 to 3/31 of the following year is counted as control 1.

Three Star

Three Star is the lowest grade in Cognac. It is written on the cognac of Tale 2 or higher.

V.S ・ V.O. ・ V.S.O. ・ V.S.O.P.

"V.S.V.O./V.S.O./V.S.O.P." is a higher grade than Threesta, which means the following.

  • "V.S" ... "very special"
  • "V.O." ... "very old"
  • "V.S.O." ... "very superior old"
  • V.S.O.P."..." very superior old pale ""

"V.S" is control 2 or higher, and "V.O." "V.S.O." "V.S.O.P." is control 4 or higher.

Napoleon, XO, Hors d'âge

"Napoleon, XO, Hors d'âge" is a higher grade than "V.S, V.O., V.S.O., V.S.O.P.".

The origins and meanings of each are as follows.

  • Napoleon"... Originated from Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France
  • XO"..." extra old "
  • "Hors d'âge" ... means high quality beyond the official age

"Napoleon" is a control 6 or higher and "XO" is a control 10 or higher. "Hors d'âge" can be attached to cognacs with a control of 6 or higher, but it means that it is of higher quality than XO.

First straight

Cognac is a liquor with a complex taste that has been made over a very long period of time. Therefore, it is recommended that you first taste it straight without dividing it with water.

Also, it is said that the optimum temperature for drinking cognac is 18 to 20 ° C, so let's enjoy it at room temperature without adding ice.

However, brandy containing cognac is a strong alcoholic drink, and it is recommended that beginners of brandy and those who are not good at alcohol prepare it as a chaser such as water or carbonated water.

Stick to the glass

To enjoy cognac, stick to the glass. The shape of the glass is also important to maximize the aroma of cognac.

European brandy and grappa makers recommend glasses with long legs and tulip-like tips.

You want to enjoy the scent of brandy slowly, but the flavor gradually diminishes when you come in contact with the air, so pour in the amount you can drink in 20 to 30 minutes.

The main lineup of Remy Martin and how to drink deliciously

Here, we will introduce the main lineup of Remy Martin and how to drink each deliciously.

Remy Martin VSOP

Remy Martin VSOPIs one of the standard lineups, and it is a product with high cost performance that you can enjoy a complex aroma and rich taste.

If you are new to this, we recommend adding water to drink or splitting it into soda.

The alcohol content is 40%.

Remy Martin Cour de Cognac

The Remy Martin Cour de Cognac is a standard product of Fine Champagne released in the United Kingdom in October 2007.

It's best to taste the ripe peach-like fruity straight, but you can also make the fruity stand out by mixing it with natural water.

The alcohol content is 40%.

Remy Martin Napoleon

Remy Martin NapoleonIs a cognac with a characteristic mouthfeel that is likened to vanilla and hazelnuts.

We recommend that you enjoy the mellow aroma and mellowness straight.

The alcohol content is 40%.

Remy Martin XO

Remy Martin XOIs a cognac that you can enjoy a rich and mellow taste and a slightly spicy aroma peculiar to Remy Martin.

To enjoy the aroma, we recommend drinking straight or rock.

The alcohol content is 40%.

Remy Martin Louis XIII

Speaking of Remy Martin's most famous cognacLouis XIIIProbably.

Louis XIII is a cognac packed in a very beautiful bottle of baccarat crystal, and although there are many variations as shown below, all of them are rare in Japan.

  • Black pearl
    • Limited to 786 bottles sold worldwide, about 1 million yen in Japan.
  • Rare cask 43.8
    • Limited to 786 bottles sold worldwide, about 1.4 million yen in Japan.
  • Black Pearl Anniversary Edition
    • Limited to 775 bottles sold worldwide, about 2 million yen in Japan.
  • Black pearl magnum
    • Limited to 358 bottles sold worldwide, about 4 million yen in Japan.

Although the alcohol content is 40%, it is very easy to drink due to its floral and spicy taste, so please enjoy it straight.

Remy Martin 1738

Remy Martin 1738Is a reproduction of the 1738 cognac to commemorate the only allowance of Louis XV to expand the vineyards due to a major agricultural failure in 1738.

Aged in toasted oak barrels, you can enjoy a pleasant taste, a well-balanced taste, and a fragrant, fruity flavor.

It can be used not only as a straight but also as a cocktail base. The alcohol content is 40%.

Remy Martin Club Special

Remy Martin Club Special is a cognac with a characteristic floral scent and sweet taste.

Remy Martin has already discontinued production and sales, and it can be said that it is highly rare.

Due to its aged and powerful taste, it is said to be the most masculine brandy produced by Remy Martin.

Straight is still recommended, but if you are not very strong against alcohol, you can fully enjoy the taste by mixing brandy and room temperature water at a ratio of 1: 1.

Recommended snacks that go well with cognac

Here are 6 recommended snacks that go well with cognac.


The candy goes well with cognac.

Cognac goes very well with sweet snacks. Recommended for those who like sweets and those who want to enjoy it as a dessert after a meal.


Chocolate is a standard snack for cognac.

Since chocolate coats the mouth, the stimulus of cognac is softened, and the scent of cacao matches the scent of cognac.

A little bitter chocolate is recommended when paired with cognac. Recommended when you want to feel luxurious.

Dried fruit

Dried fruits are also recommended as a snack for cognac.

Cognac is also used in Western confectionery, so it goes well with fruits. Dried fruits with a strong sweetness such as raisins are especially recommended.

For those who want to enjoy cognac on a daily basis, it is ideal as a regular snack because of its longevity.


Nuts are a perfect salty snack to match with cognac.

The saltiness of the nuts will bring out the sweetness of cognac. Peanuts, almonds and pistachios are recommended.

This snack is perfect for those who are not good at sweet things or when you want a slightly salty snack.


Cheese is another example of salty snacks.

The strong aroma and flavor of cognac matches the habit of cheese. Cheese with a certain habit is recommended, so choose cheese that can be purchased at stores that handle imported products from overseas.

It is recommended to enjoy it before dessert as well as as a regular snack.


Jam goes well with cognac, which goes well with fruits.

If you want to match it with cognac, lemon jam, which has a little habit, is perfect.

Jam is a recommended snack for sweet tooth, and you can enjoy a party feeling by eating it on small pieces of bread or crackers.


Remy Martin is a cognac brand with an attractive perfume-like flavor, such as "Louis XIII".

There are various types of cognac produced by Remy Martin, so please enjoy the appropriate way of drinking. You can enjoy the aroma and sweetness of cognac even if you drink it with your favorite snacks.