Founded in Bologna, Italy, the brand "Furla" is extremely popular in Japan.


This timeFurlaI want to know the popular bags! In this article, we will introduce 8 popular Furla bags.

We will explain in detail the features and usability of each bag, so you may find your favorite bag. Please refer to it.

Why Furla is so popular with young women

Furla's bag, which has an elegant and simple design but is also cute, has gained tremendous support, especially among young women.

Why is it so popular with young women? Find out why Furla is so popular with young women.

Furla history

Furla was founded in Bologna, Italy in 1927 by Aldo Furlanet and his wife Margherita.

Although it was a small accessory store when it was founded, it gradually expanded the scale of the brand and announced the bag collection in 1970.

It entered Japan in 1990, and currently has 97 stores, which is a brand that has gained tremendous support in Japan.

Why Furla is loved by young women

There are three reasons why Furla is loved by young women.

  1. Easy-to-reach price range
  2. Wide variety of models and colors
  3. A brand loved by entertainers

Easy-to-reach price range

The characteristic of the Furla brand is its "easy-to-reach price range".

Some Furla bags can be purchased from the 10,000 yen range, and while being a historic high brand, they reproduce a reasonable price range.


Still, the design doesn't feel cheap. This point of "easy-to-reach price range and high quality" is considered to be one of the reasons why young women overwhelmingly support it.

Wide variety of models and colors

The wide variety of bag models and color variations is another reason for its popularity. We develop bags to suit a wide range of tastes and meet the needs of young women who are sensitive to fashion.

A brand loved by entertainers

FurlaThe bag has gained tremendous support from entertainers.

Fashion models Laura and Saeko are Furla bag enthusiasts, and Furla bags often appear in fashion snaps posted on their Instagram.


Young women are easily influenced by the casual clothes of entertainers and talents. Furla, which is loved by entertainers, is considered to be popular with young women.

8 popular Furla bags

From here,FurlaHere are 8 popular bags from Japan.

Find your favorite bag that suits you, whether it's a simple design or a unique design.

Furla Stacy 2WAY Shoulder Bag

Furla's classic model, Stacy, features a unique drawstring bag design.

There is no doubt that it will play an active part as an accent of coordination with an eye-catching design.


In addition to the elegant and simple appearance that is typical of Furla, the cute drawstring-shaped form brings out a strong feminine impression.


Not only the design but also the high practicality is a big attraction of Stacy.

Since the frontage opens wide, it is easy to take out even if you store a lot of luggage. It will also be a shoulder bag that is easy to carry, so it will come in handy when you go far.


Stacy is a popular model among entertainers, and is also used by fashion model Saeko, making it a popular bag in both name and reality.


If you are buying a Furla bag for the first time, why not choose the popular Stacy.

Furla_Stacy 2WAY_Shoulder Bag

Furla logo 2WAY handbag

The handbag, which features a simple design and an elegant impression of leather material, has excellent storage capacity.

With a large storage space like a mini Boston bag, you can store not only essential items such as cosmetics and wallets, but also cameras you want to use at your travel destination and one night's change of clothes.

Since it has four bottom studs, it does not easily lose its shape even if you put a lot of luggage in it, and you can keep it in a beautiful state forever.


It has a simple and elegant design, so you can use it in the business scene without any discomfort.

One of the nice points for working women is that they can be used for sudden business trips.

Of course, even in private, it can be used as an accent for casual outfits such as denim and T-shirts.

As it is a 2-way type of hand and shoulder, it is a multifunctional bag that you can change the way you hold it according to your mood.


Furla 2WAY handbag

If you want to carry a lot of luggage, this 2-way handbag is recommended.

A large storage space that can store all kinds of luggage. Since there is no partition inside, you can store your luggage without worrying about losing its shape.

Plus, the bag is tall enough so you don't have to worry about your luggage overflowing and becoming clunky.


Not only practicality but also design is attractive.

The elegance of the surface made of high-quality leather and the cool navy color go perfectly together.

It is a perfect handbag to produce a cool adult woman.


The strap of Furla's acronym "F" tied to the handle makes you feel playful, and you can see that it is not just a cool impression.

It can also be used as a shoulder bag, so it's a nice point for fashionable girls to be able to make changes depending on the coordination.

Furla_2WAY_ handbag

Furla Metropolis 2WAY Handbag

Furla's new standard model, Metropolis handbag type.

Metropolis, which gives an extremely elegant impression among Furla models, can be used not only as a private bag but also as a commuting bag.


The delicately embossed leather material and the gold metal fittings that reflect light and shine create a sense of luxury that no other model can offer.

Its appearance, which has a classic feel, is perfect for women who yearn for an adult style.


In private, it will come in handy as a tightener for the overall coordination.

The Metropolis bag is recommended for those who want not only a cute impression but also a stylish adult impression.


Furla Stacy Flower Print 2WAY Shoulder Bag

This bag is a bag with Stacy series flowers printed on it.

For a design that gives you a unique impression, you want to make a difference with a design that is different from the others! Ideal for those who think.


The design, which is studded with flowers of various sizes, creates a fashionable and feminine cuteness.

In addition to that, Stacy's drawstring form enhances the trend, and you can enjoy modern fashion with any outfit.


Since the material is leather, the elegant impression will not fade.

This bag is recommended for those who want to make a difference with their surroundings with their unique design.

Furla_Stacy_Flower Print_2WAY_Shoulder Bag

Furla leather 2WAY shoulder bag

A leather shoulder bag with silver metal fittings and leather material that brings out a special sense of luxury.

The beige color gives a bright impression and plays an active role as a leading role in fashion items.

The magnetic flap opens and closes the bag, making it easy to take out your luggage. With a wide gusset and excellent storage capacity, it will definitely be useful not only for everyday use but also for small excursions.

Furla_leather_2WAY_shoulder bag

Furla straw style handbag

The straw-style handbag, which has a unique basket-shaped charm, is recommended for women who want to enjoy fashion with their bags.

The wooden basket-like design gives you a unique personality that has never been seen before in a bag.

Leather and vinyl are used for the surface material to reproduce the luster. The vinyl material is resistant to dirt, so even if it gets wet in the rain, you can wipe it off immediately without worrying about dirt remaining.


It is one of the attractiveness of not only the attractiveness of design but also the attractiveness of practicality.

The large storage space with a width of 34 cm can store not only essential items such as mobile phones and wallets, but also a lot of cosmetics with plenty of room.

Furla_straw style_handbag


This time, we have introduced 8 popular Furla bags.

Furla's bags range from elegant and simple designs to unique and fashionable bags.

Choosing a bag that suits your taste is one of the nice points for fashion-conscious women!


If you are thinking of buying a Furla bag, we recommend choosing from the bags introduced here. All of them are popular bags and you can enjoy the charm that is unique to Furla bags.♪

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