Furla _ popularity

Founded in Bologna, Italy, Furla is a brand that is now receiving huge support from young women.Elegant and simple, bags of rich models and color variations, must-have items of fashionable women's.

In this article, we will talk about the secret of the popularity of such a Furla for young women.In the second half introduces the popular 5 large models of Furla!
If you think that you want a bag of Furla..., you will be able to realize its charm more by knowing the secret of the popularity of Furla.Please try to read it by all means.

The secret to Furla's popularity among young women

Furla is quite popular with young women, mainly in their 20s, and it seems that women with hula bags are often seen in the city.

Why is Furla so popular with young women?Follow the history of Furla and learn about the secrets of Furla's popularity.

History of the birth of Furla

The history of Furla dates back to over 90 years ago.Founded in 1927 in Bologna, Italy, Furla was founded by Ardo fururanet and his wife, Margherita.

At the beginning of its existence, it was a small shop selling accessories to wholesalers.The turning point came in the 1970s.Three daughters of Aldo, the founder of the company, participated in the event, announcing Furla's first collection of bags and accessories.After that, we expanded our sales network not only to Italy, but also to France and the United States, gradually expanding our brand.

In 1990, he expanded into Japan.At present, the number of Furla stores in Japan is 97, and we are expanding our brand in Japan as well.

Furla's activities are not limited to the fashion industry, but she has been active in a wide range of fields, including supporting artists through the Furla Foundation.In recognition of this achievement, in 2007 he received the Impreza ET coutura award, which is given to companies that have made cultural contributions to Italy, and has established a steadfast position in Italy, where fashion culture is strong.

Why is Furla so beloved by young women?

The Furla brand is characterized by its"easy-to-reach price range".Some of the Furla bags can be purchased from 1 million yuan, and while it is a historic high brand, it reproduces a reasonable price range.

Still, the design is elegant and doesn't feel cheap.This"affordable price range and high quality" is one of the reasons for the overwhelming support from young women.

It is also worth noting that the variety of bags is abundant.The Furla bag is rich in model lines and color variations, and it has been developed to suit a wide range of tastes.

For young women who are sensitive to fashion, the attention to the color and design of bags is diverse.We have developed a variety of bags to meet the needs of many women.

Furla boasts enormous support from celebrities

Furla's bags have received huge support from celebrities.For example, Laura, a fashion model, is often seen holding a fuller bag on her Insta.

In addition, Mr. Kojima, Mr. Saeko-San, a fashionable manager in the entertainment world, and so on are also the favorite customers of Furla.I think that there are many women who take a bag of Furla, longing for the style of the entertainer.

From this, it is considered as one of the reasons why Furla is favored by young women to be popular mainly in entertainers. 1

The 5 most popular models that support Furla

Full La Piper

Fuller Piper.

Piper is a classic series of Furla!It is characterized by a trapezoidal shape, and the cuteness unlike other bags is attractive.Because it is a 2Way type that can be used as a shoulder bag or as a handbag, you can change the way you hold it according to mood and coordination.

Expand the size of S,M,L 3.It can be selected by thinking about the usual luggage amount, it will respond to the needs of those who want to use as travel and business trip in a large size.

The color variation is more of a relaxed chic color.Because it is elegant and simple design, you can use it in the business scene depending on the color.

Fuller Stacey.

Furla, Stacey.

2 to introduce one of the drawstring design is lovely Stacy.Drawstring bag-style bags are the trend of recent years.By incorporating into the coordination, you will quickly change to a seasonal style at once!

It is easy to take out the luggage because the pocket opens wide, and the usability is also outstanding.Because it has a pouch of the same color as the bag, it is always safe for those who have a lot of luggage.When the luggage is small, you can go out in the porch only.

Flurra metropolis

Furla, Metropolis.

Metropolis is the new standard of the fulla collection!It is a fashionable shoulder bag that also loves the Laura of the fashion model.Compact size and simple design.The high-quality leather material adds a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Since the shoulder strap can be removed, it can also be used as a clutch bag!It will spread the width of the coordination.Although it is a small bag, it is also excellent in storage capacity because the width of the gusset is firm.

It will come in handy if you have 1 item as a private fashionable item.

Full Larinda

Furla, Linda

Linda is a Boston bag-style tote bag.It is a bag with a profound feeling, and it plays an active role in the scene where a lot of luggage such as travel and business trip is necessary.It has a simple design and an adult-like taste, so you can use it in a wide range of situations as well as private ones.

With the included shoulder strap, it can be used as a shoulder bag!2Way type is one of the happy points because the width of the coordination is wider. 1

It is said that saiyoqi Ozaki, a fashion model and mom talent, also loves Linda.Because it can store a lot of luggage, it is also recommended for the mom generation that luggage becomes many by all means.

Furla candy

Furla candy

The last thing I want to introduce is a candy that has a sparkling glossy feeling!
Launched in 2014, it is a relatively new model among the full LA model.Using a leather material and PVC(polyvinyl chloride), it reproduces the glossy feeling like a candy.

Because it is a unique design, no doubt active as an accent of coordination!It will also be active as an item when you want to add a seasonal taste.

PVC material, so it is resistant to dirt is also one of the charm.You can keep a beautiful state if you wipe off with a whip even on a rainy day.


This time, Furla approached the secret that boasts a huge popularity from young women, and introduced the popular 5-generation model.
The Furla is elegant and simple in design, yet offers a price range that even the younger generation can reach.
It can be said that the greatest appeal to the younger generation is that there is a sense of luxury, but there is no price like other high brands.

It is also a nice point for young women who are sensitive to fashion to develop a variety of models and color variations♪

Why don't you try taking the hula bag in your hand and experience its elegant and simple design?