Furla_2way_6 selections_Introduction

“Furula” is a brand that is very popular with women due to its cute design and simple, elegant bag.
Many women long for Furla bags! This time, we will introduce "2Way Bag" that can be used in 2 ways from such popular Furura.
We will introduce 6 recommended items and thoroughly explain each feature and charm. Please use it as a reference.

Let's enjoy going out with Furura's 2way bag! 6 pick-ups

Furla Piper 2-way shoulder bag

First of all, I will introduce the 2-way shoulder bag of Furla's classic model "Piper". The classic model Piper has a dome-shaped shape, and it is a bag that is feminine while it is elegant and simple. The beautiful leather material with delicate embossing gives it a mature luster and a design that will never get tired. The tasty Bordeaux color is useful not only for private trips, but also for business scenes such as business trips.

If you remove the shoulder strap, it will be transformed into a handbag! It is the charm of 2Way type that you can change the way you hold it according to your coordination.

  • Width: about 29 cm
  • Height: About (median) 23 cm
  • Depth (gusset): Approximately 14 cm
Furla _ Piper 2WAY_ shoulder bag

Furla leather 2WAY handbag

A leather handbag featuring an elegant and simple design. With its compact size, it can be easily carried as a bag for going out without getting in the way.

The gray color that doesn't insist too much does not interfere with coordination and works as a one-point accent color. If you remove the shoulder strap, you can carry it as a handbag or clutch bag.

You can enjoy a variety of coordination, such as a clutch bag with a manish style and a shoulder bag with a girly atmosphere, so you will never get tired of using it many times.

  • Width: about 23 cm
  • Height: about 17 cm
  • Depth (gusset): Approximately 7 cm
Furla_Leather 2WAY_Handbag

Furla Leather 2WAY Shoulder Bag

This shoulder bag has a slightly larger size and can also be used for travel. A large space that can store a lot of luggage can store various items such as souvenirs, cameras, clothes, etc. at the destination.

I want to carry a lot of luggage with me when I go out! If you like it, it will be your favorite bag.

Not only practical, but also attractive in design. The leather material, which gives you a sense of elegance, and the solid and solid feeling, give a strong sense of luxury.

When I go out, I want to give a special feeling in a different atmosphere. This leather bag gives you that special feeling.

  • Width: about 27 cm
  • Height: about 23 cm
  • Depth (gusset): approx. 12 cm
Furla _ leather 2WAY_ shoulder bag

Furla Leather 2WAY Shoulder Bag Pink

This 2Way bag has a gorgeous pink color that catches the eye, and uses a leather material on the surface. While leaving a pretty feminine impression, the design is not too assertive.

The storage space is so large that you can take a long trip with confidence! In addition, it has an outer zipper pocket and an inner zipper pocket x2 for a total of 3 pockets, which protects your important smartphones and key cases. It is easy to take out.

If you remove the shoulder strap, it will be transformed into a cute handbag! You can change the coordination atmosphere at once.

  • Width: about 28 cm
  • Height: about 22.5 cm
  • Depth (gusset): Approximately 8 cm
Furla _ leather 2WAY_ shoulder bag _ pink

Furla logo 2WAY shoulder bag

This Po shoulder bag is a slightly smaller pouch-like bag than the shoulder bags introduced so far.

The compact size makes it a lovely accent for your outfit.
It's a fashionable style to match your rough outfit, and it's sure to add a nice accent to your outfit. The high-quality leather material leaves a mature atmosphere, while the design is minimalistic and stylish.

Although it is a compact size, it has a gusset, so it has a large storage space and is a design that makes it easy to take out a wallet or smartphone. It seems to be useful when you go out or take a walk.

  • Width: approx. (maximum value) 22 cm
  • Height: about 18 cm
  • Depth (gusset): About (maximum value) 10 cm
Furla _ logo 2WAY_ shoulder bag

Furla 2WAY shoulder bag leather gray

A shoulder bag with a solid and solid feel due to its wide width and height. The calm design makes you feel elegant. The brand logo in the center of the bag, which you don't claim too much, gives a more sophisticated look.
Partly treated with gold metal fittings, leaving a sense of luxury is also a point that you can feel the charm of Furura.

When you open the inside, you will be greeted by a large storage space without partitions. Because of its height, it can easily store even vertically large luggage. The open side pockets are just the right size to hold your smartphone. If this is the case, you don't have to look for it even when you want to take it out immediately.

If you are traveling for one night, you can pack it in this bag. You can enjoy the trip easily.

  • Width: about 25 cm
  • Height: about 16 cm
  • Depth (gusset): Approximately 14 cm
Furla_2WAY shoulder bag_leather_grey


This time, I introduced 6 recommended 2-way shoulder bags for Furla. The 2Way bag is a bag that you can change the atmosphere of coordination simply by removing the shoulder strap.

You can enjoy two different atmospheres with one bag, so it might be a must-have item for fashionable girls.
If you feel the charm of 2Way bag, be sure to pick up Furla's 2Way bag!