Enamel _ care

Surely does the person having shoes and a bag of the enameled leather not have such a trouble?

"I want to know the art to keep enamel neatly" that "wants to clean dirty enamel"

I introduce a method to care for the enamel product you have this time and an art to clean. Please refer to the one that wants to handle an enamel product carefully.

※The reference content that this article introduces is to apply to overall enamel product, but I focus on shoes and a bag and introduce

What kind of material is enamel? Let's know the characteristic

Enamel _ material

I paint with enamel paint from hides, and the enamel material refers to a machined thing.
I raise glossiness, the waterproofness which shine by painting with enamel paint. Is called "patent leather" in Europe and America, and hides manufacturer develops enamel in the United States in the 1800s; a patent (patent:) It is like the origin to have taken patent).

At first glossiness to glisten like a mirror is cited in the characteristic of the enamel material. I am used in an appearance to have sense of quality mainly in a formal scene. There is much one where the pumps of the enamel material are used for to denim in the case of a woman in 合 わせたりなど, a rough scene.

And it is one of the characteristics to be high in waterproofness. In the case of a real leather material, it causes a stain and the dirt when I neglect care in the rain on a wet day, but it is strong, and the enamel material does not let a stain and a dirt soak in water.

Speaking of the good point of the enamel material

  • Sense of quality of the appearance
  • Waterproof height
  • It is formal and usually plays an active part in the errand (in the case of a woman)

I include three of the above.

At first the sense of quality of the appearance can say that an enamel material is unique.
Is there not much one to be attracted by glossiness to glisten so as to reflect it, and to purchase?

Even if the waterproof height is called the good point of the enamel material maximum, it is not exaggeration.
When is dumped for a party and wedding day, sudden rain; the leather products a dirt is easy to soak, and the care is serious, too.

I do not mind a dirt and a stain as leather products and finish an enamel material superior in waterproofness.

And it may be said that it is a good point that I can usually use it at the place that is an errand - four circle.

If is usually a messenger, the impression that is an adult by choosing shoes of the enamel material as the step only in casual clothes in the place that is apt to become childish becomes strong, and the balance is good; is coordinated.

It is a sad place such as a funeral and the wake to want to be careful in a formal scene, and the enamel subject matter is a thing called NG.
I will use it at the gorgeous place such as a wedding ceremony and the party.

Then what kind of thing will the bad point of the enamel material have?

The enamel material is vulnerable to high temperature and humidity and the surface melts when I put it in the high place of temperature, the moisture for a long time and is sticky.

It is the material which is easy to have a trouble all the time when it causes the color migration when it sticks to a receipt with the ink and the wet paper.

ですので, the daily care will learn that they are very important.
I introduce a care for shoes and bag method of the enamel material in the next clause.

Right care method of patent leather shoes and the bag

Enamel _ right _ raid method

Because it is sensitive material, shoes and the bag of the enamel material are not unlikely to deteriorate material if I do not perform the care by a right method either.

I will learn a right care method to be usable neatly for a long time.

It is easy by 3 steps! Everyday care

The everyday care is simple work only for 3 steps basically.

  1. I take dust and the dirt with tender cloth
  2. I improve appearance with a cleaner
  3. I prevent a dirt with a cleaner for exclusive use of the enamel to finish it

I comment on each in detail.

Step 1 takes dust and the dirt with judo worth cloth

At first let's take dust and the dirt with tender cloth.
The effects such as the exclusive cream or cleaner are shown well first by keeping dust and a dirt properly.

The tender cloth is OK with a T-shirt or the towel which I did not wear.
But let's be careful because we may injure the surface when we use rough cloth.

Step 2 polishes the surface with a cleaner

I polish it with a cleaner carefully next if I remove dust and dirts.
In doing so, you should use tender cloth and the T-shirt which you did not wear.
It is a point to let you be familiar with the whole uniformly to be even.

Step 3 prevents a dirt with cream for exclusive use of the enamel for finish

Let's apply cream for exclusive use of the enamel last if we finish polishing it with a cleaner.
Not only I prevent a dirt by painting with cream for exclusive use of the enamel, but also can individualize the beautiful glossiness of the enamel.

When a dirt is outstanding, is an eraser effective?

When a dirt is bad, let's care for it with an eraser for shoe polishing or a commercial eraser.
I can remove incurable dirts by rubbing it with an eraser.

But, please be careful not to strongly rub so that the enamel surface is damaged.

Nothing is enough for the commercial eraser,

  • Colored eraser
  • Rough eraser

Let's avoid these two.

The colored eraser may perform color migration, and the rough eraser hurts enamel appearance.

If it uses the commercial eraser, it is recommended to choose the general white plastic eraser.

NG at the time of the care: I do not use the waterproof spray

It is extremely common to use the waterproof spray for shoes, but must never use the waterproof spray for an enamel material.

A film forms on the surface and it is white and is clouded, and this is because glossiness fades by using the waterproof spray for an enamel material.

In the first place the waterproof spray is not necessary for an enamel material.
It is the subject matter that the enamel coats resin and made waterproofness.
Do not infiltrate water by covering with resin; make it.

Far from there not being a meaning at all even if I hang waterproof spray to the enamel resisting water than the cause, it is the opposite effect.
ですので, the waterproof spray will be careful to never use it.

Art to let patent leather shoes and a bag last a long time

Enamel _ oblong chest _ art

I am shiny, and there are some methods to let a high-quality enamel material last a long time.

I am careful about the storage area

Shoes and the bag of the enamel material have to be careful about the storage areas enough.

The enamel is sensitive material as mentioned before.
The surface melts and is sticky with moisture and various germs, and crazing assumes that I dry.

The storage area is particularly important to avoid such a trouble. When I choose the storage area, I will be conscious of the following points.

  • I avoid high temperature and humidity
  • I do not keep on putting a wet handkerchief and a wet thing (in the case of a bag)
  • I separate it with other shoes if possible and keep it not to make color migration (in the case of shoes)

At first it is the most important condition to avoid high temperature and humidity.
The enamel is the material which is sensitive to high temperature and humidity and the surface melts when I leave you unattended for a long time and is sticky.
Let's try to keep it if possible at a good place of the ventilation.

Enamel bagIt is not good to keep on putting a thing into の.

For example, the ink of the receipt performs color migration when I keep on putting wet receipts in the rain…The といった trouble is thought about.

I separate the storage area of shoes with other shoes if possible and will keep it.
Color migration may produce the shoes in the same way as a bag.

It is difficult once to cut down on a color only by care when it makes color migration. You must take it to the worst place, a mender.

Because it is a certain precious sense of quality material, I want to use it carefully.
I keep it at the place where is different from other shoes and should treat it a little in particular.

Use Shoe Keeper

Shoe keeper is an item that is mainly used for leather shoes, etc., and eliminates mold and wrinkles in shoes.

Shoe keepers come in two laps, plastic and wooden, but we recommend wooden shoe keepers.

Wood has the effect of absorbing moisture, so it is perfect for enamel material that is sensitive to moisture.


Enamel _ care _ summary

This timeEnamel productsI explained how to care for. Enamel is an attractive material that has a shining luster and can be used in a variety of ways.
Be sure to take good care of your life so that you can use it for a long time. If you do not know how to care for it, please read this article again and refer to it.

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