The brand is a historical brand that was founded in New York City.The coach's bag continues to be loved by a wide range of women.


Many people think that they want to have a coach's bag for themselves.

So, this time, I will introduce six of my coach's purse bag.


If you are considering buying a shoulder bag, please don't use it as a reference.

The charm of the "coach" born in New York

The coach was born in Manhattan, New York, in 1941.

The coaching staff at the time of the company's founding was a subcontractor's workshop to deal with leather goods.


The six craftsmen who founded the coaching staff did not have long enough to be recognized by many as a brand to handle leather products.


The craftsmen were inspired by the gloves of baseball, and they had a creative idea, for example, to create bags and wallets.


The items of coaching, which have strong obsession with leather products, have become a favorite item for many people, and are still being popular for about 80 years since the start of the business.

Why is the coach loved?close to the reason for popularity

I've been loved by women for a long time, and why is it so popular?

The reasons for this are as follows:


  • a price band that is more accessible than other highland brands
  • an ease-of-use made
  • Collaborative that is only a coach

a price band that is more accessible than other highland brands

Gucci and Louis Vuitton.High-brand items, along with coaches, are not easy to buy.


However, the coach's items are more affordable than those of those high brands.


Even though it is not a cheap price band, it has succeeded in taking an exquitent position that keeps the brand image of a high-class brand.

It is no exaggeration to say that the price settings that are not in other brands have been established as the popularity of the coach.

a feeling of obsession

As I said at the beginning, the coach is a leather craft founded by six players with confidence in their arms.

Therefore, the claws of bags and products are quite significant.


It may be said that a long time coach has been loved by design and leather products, which emphasizes usability and leather products.

Collaborative that is only a coach

Disney characters, such as Disney characters, Star Wars, and a real person, are collaborating with various characters and characters in a coach, such as Selena Gomez, who is a member of the team.


Recently, it became a hot topic for me to collaborate with Pac-Man, a game character created by Japan.


Collaborative items are individualistic design, and they are not mistaken for their surroundings.I think that the active collaboration of women is getting the support of women who are sensitive to the trend.

Osuzume Coch-Ladysholder

From here on, I will introduce you to the main theme, "Coaches, Shorderbag"!


By taking a bag of coaching coaching staffed by the leather goods into fashion, she will raise her charm as a woman.


I want to introduce six simple, easy-to-use bags from a unique bag to use.Pick a bag for you, please!

Coach × Disney Colabo Chain 2way Bag

Collaborative with a coaching stationary.It's characteristic of you in a collaborative bag with Disney that reminds me of Mickey's ear.


The bright yellow curry ring is perfect for the spring, as well as the distinctive design.It's also nice when you want to make a good impression.


It is one of the delighting points that can be used not only in the shoulder bag but also as a handbag.You can change your style according to your style.

Coach Signature Sholder Bag

This is a bag of the signature line, which is the representative item of the coach.


The signature is a monogram designed to be a monogram of the coaching 'C', which was announced in 2001.


It is a beautifully elegant and elegant design that keeps it popular as a design that is easy to fit in.


This shoulder bag is a bright brown color in the signature line.The boldly-faring monogram will have an impressive impact and will play an active part in your mastline.


A wide sholder strap reduces the burden on the shoulders, so it is recommended that you use a bag that is frequently used frequently.

Coach Logo 2WAY Sholder Bag

A shoulder bag that has a high quality of Leather material in front of it.Decoration is characterized by a simple, refined design with only brandrogo.


The round, which is round, gives a lovely feminine impression.


The function of the bag is also attractive.The handbag can be used as a handbag as well as a shoulder straps.


It's one of the good points to be able to change the way you have it by coding or in a scene.

Coach, signature, shoulder bag.

Signatcher Model Dark Color Chalder Bag.


Dark brown's thick and elegant impression is perfect for a mode style.He will also be active as a special party to the party.


A round rectangular form will produce a dwarfy cucoyosine.

In addition, brandrogo, which is engraved in the central part, has a high level of sense in the bag, and is designed to be a saturated design.


I recommend all women who are attracted to the charming attractiveness of adults.

Coaches Minetta Crossbody 2WAY Sholder Bag

This bag that can be used as a crossbow bag or shoulder bag is also recommended as a bag for commuting from the usual appearance.


It is not only the appearance of luxury eyes, but also one of the points of the purity of the purity of the purse.


You can use a space of 28cm in width to store large amounts of luggage, so you can use it for urgent business trips and small trips.


For example, laptops, A4 files, cosmetic porches, wallets and mobile phones can also be stored together.

In addition, a total of five pockets will protect your necessities.


It is recommended to use in a wide range of scenes, such as travel, travel, commuting bags, and large-bag bags.

Coach Logo Sholder Bag

A sholder bag of design that is attached to the original charm of leather.The simple design of the surface decoration is the attractiveness of the leather, which is the simple design of the bladrogo only.


If you want to make an impression of an adult, this bag is recommended.


The structure that has no divider inside is perfect for you, which usually has a lot of luggage.It takes a wide shalder bag, so it's less expensive to shoulder than it is.


A bag of size is sufficient for a small trip or exodus.It's a formal impression, so you will be active in the business scene.

Coach Cholderbag's charm bag every day!

How did you like it?

This time, I introduced a sixth election for my coach, the Lady Scholar Bag.

The coach is a brand that has been loved by many people for a long time, about 80 years old.


The items that have been formed so far will lead you to a more lovely woman.


I'd like to spend a lot of time with my coach's shoulder bag.