Chanel's materasse may have been an ear for a woman.Chanel's matrasse bag, yearning for many women, is a popular item in recent years, but in fact years ago, it was a very popular item.

This time, we will introduce a historic matrasse, the reason why it is so popular this time, and a nine-year-old Matrasse, which is currently being sold in 2019.
I would be happy if I could use it as a reference to the matrasse.

History of Chanel Mathrasse

History of Chanel-Maresse

Chanel's Matrasse refers to a shoulder bag representing Chanel, which is a shanel.

All the designs of "diamond-type lattice-like" are defined as "matrasse", and matrasse is also used for clocks and accessories other than shoulder bags.

Matrasse means "puffing" in French and "bagged," and it is characteristic of the design that they are in the same way as they are.

The recipes are very delicate, and two different dough is sewn together in the back of the front and the beautiful patterns are reproduced.

Mutlasse was first released in 1929 and now about 90 years ago.

At that time, there were only handbags in women's bags, and there were many women who were worried about their arms and their misplaced misplaced hands.

In order to solve such a problem, the Koko Chanel knitted the shoulder bag from the shoulder.

Chanel matrasse with women's sholder bags

Women's Sholder Bag Fashion Matracuse

It is natural to see women with a shoulder bag, but it seems that there was no concept of a shoulder bag until Matrasse came to the world.

In view of the background, the origin of the shoulder bag is Chanel's matrasse, isn't it?

Why is Matrasse still popular?

Even in the past 90 years since the announcement of Matrasse, Mathrasse remains popular with women.

But how is it so popular?

The reason for that is that Chanel will give you the high level of elegant and elegant.

Matrasse, who loves foreign celebridity and celebridity, is a woman's longing for a woman.

With a matrasse bag, you feel like you're in high spirits, and you're filled with nature and confidence.

Isn't the reason why the beauty of women continues to be loved by not only the appearance of the beauty of the woman, but also the reason why Mathasse is still loved for a long time?

9-election Chanel Atlasse

I know the reasons for Chanel's popularity, and I will show you nine of the most popular products from here in the Matrasse.

Let' s take a look at the matrasse that will run up your life to the quality of your life.

Matrasse Single Flup Chain Schoolder

Mutlasse Single Flap Chain Shoulder

The Matrasse single flap is a simple type even in a shoolder bag.

You can put your cellphones, cosmetics, and other things in a small bag.

The black x gold color is easy to use and has a reputation for many women.

From a casual scene, such as a little out-of-a-go, you can use it in a party or for a reception.

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[Cavyskine] Matrassa Chain Shoulder


The name Cavyruskin has come from the shape of a spurt-shaped push, like caviar.

The charm of the cavyskin is that it is hard to stand out even if the wounds are hard to find.

The material of the surface is rough and it feels a little bit stiff, and you can taste the high level of the quality of the quality.

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Mutlasse Double Flap Chain

Mutlasse-Double Flap Chain

The difference between a double-flap chain and a single-flap chain is whether the lid is not covered with the inner cover.

The double flap chain opens the outer lid with the inner lid, but the single-flap chain does not have an inner lid.

Double-flap chains, which are active in storage, are always recommended to women who carry out lots of cosmetics and pores.

It is not only a sense of luxury but also its function as a bag, and it may be said to be a very polar one to the person who has the obsession with the bag.

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Matrasse double flap char shoulder chalder

Patent Leather-Matracuse

The shoulder bag of the patent leaser material is characterized by a shiny glossy sense of glossy.

The Matrasse glossy is more luxury-high than any other bag.

The glossy material is easy to see, and a party or alumni association will be able to attract more attention than anyone else if they have a bag of patent leazers.

It is a bag that has no loss even if it has one special day.

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Mutlasse double flap chain shoulder chirder


Twied shoulder bags are characteristic of the Chidori lattice.

A black x gold formal impression is more casual than a strong matrasse, and it can be shown to a sneer with a slightly different sense of "niggle".

Twied-material dresses don't make it dilute in casual wear.

You can use a wide range of uses from everyday use to formal formers.

Minimatlasse Single Flap Chain Shoulder

Minimatrosse _ single flap chain

Mini-Matrasse is a small shoulder bag with a width of 20 centimeters or less.

While there is a limit to the storage area, it is a series of women's most popular fashion accessories.

The bag is small, the chain is thick, and this balance is the woman's love for the femine-like.

Because there are also plenty of color variations, it is good for you to choose colorful colors as the color of fashion.

If you focus on functionality, you can use the general size, the matrasse, and the fashion of the mini-matrasse.

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The Matrasse single flap chain is a "dénim material"

Chanel Matress_ single flap chain

The matrasse of denim material is a rare bag that is rare and has never seen a rare sight.

Chanel's luxury and ragged mood is an individualistic bag with a unique atmosphere by adding denim material as well as its casual atmosphere.

Even though it is a denim material, it's also a popular point.

It is also a cute on a shoulder with a shoulder bag, and a handbag and an adult casual scene is also a good one.Being a 2way, the functionality is exectient.

This is the daily life of Celebrity, which can only be produced by Chanel Matrasse.

The matrasse is a feminine image, but it's a bag of osmet that I want to wear to the cute.

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Matrasse, Cocomalk, two, wallet.

Mutlasse Cocomak

Mutlasse is also used not only in a bag but also as a purse design.

The long wallet of the matrasse is the look of the cavity and the cavyskin, which are impressive and high-end.

There are also other materials, such as lambskin, which are smooth and smooth compared to the caviazins.

My wallet is basically a daily use, and it's a daily necessities, right?

Why don't you choose the quality of your choice only because it is a necessities?

Every day I touch the quality of my life, I feel like I feel like I'm going to work hard today."

Please buy a good wallet and try to give you a vitality every day.

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Matrasse KambongLine Mini Boston

Mutlasse Kambon Line

When I go on a trip, I would like to go out in my favorite fashion.

"I want to go on a trip in a Madrasse bag!"

Matrasse's bottombag is the only way to fulfill such a wish.

You can get a lot of things you need in clothes and intravagus that are not in the shoulder bag.

The surface of the bag has a diamond-type lattice and a large coboak, and it's very impressive.

If you take a picture of your bag with the beautiful scenery of your destination, you will be able to see it.

Why don't you carve off the fun of your trip with a matrasse bag?

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How did you like it?

This time, I introduced a representative Matrasse of Chanel.Matrasse is designed to be used for wallets and watches other than shoulder bags.

If you have one of the items that have a high quality of mind, you will feel refreshed and harsh. Get Chanel's matrixes and enjoy my elegant and attractive life.

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