Chanel _ Vuitton _ repair method _ commentary

"The brand-name products such as bags of Chanel and Vuitton whom I employed carefully were broken"! 」
When "I do not come, as for depending on a shop or a repair supplier, which is recommended?" 」
Is there not much one having such a trouble?

I introduce the most suitable repair method of a bag and the leather accessory of Chanel and Louis Vuitton this time.
Please refer to the one to want to know the Seki す information for the repair method of brand-name products.

Two methods to repair brand-name products

The method to repair brand-name products has following two mainly.

  • Method to have you repair it in a shop
  • Method to have you repair it in the repair shop except the shop

I comment each.

Method to have you repair it in a shop

The shop means the regular store of the brand. If it is Chanel, it is a method to take a product to repair in a regular shop of Vuitton if it is Masanori Chanel shop, Vuitton.

Because I may apply in a net depending on a brand even if I do not take it to a true store, I will check it. (as for Chanel, possible an application in a net)
But, please warn him because it is thought about the product which I can repair in the case of a net application being limited.

In addition, it is a main premise that a product "is a genuine article" when it has you repair it in a shop. You should ask the staff of the store whether one's lasting product is an imitation when you do not know it whether it is genuine.
A product is an imitation, or the repair request is possible in a genuine article or the situation not to understand.
When I ask the shop for repair, a written estimate will be published before repair by all means, but there cannot be the thing that a written estimate is published by any chance because it is impossible of repair when a product is an imitation.

I explain it in detail later, but there are many merits by repairing it in a shop.

  • The finish is clean
  • The security that is a regular shop

An important point is guaranteed in continuing using など, the good product.

Method to repair any place other than a shop

Other than a shop, I point to the general repair shop in the town.
There are many repair shops catching a bag and a wallet, the repair of leather products, and it is thought that it is good and sees it in the inside and the downtown of the station.

The possible store had a net application in the general repair shop and did not need to often take it expressly recently in a true store.

The merit of the general repair shop is two mainly.

  • I can repair it at the price that is lower than a shop
  • It supports a wide repair method

I will be glad that it is reasonable and is good at a repair method for a user expecting repair.
But it is that demerits suitable for it are enough that there is a merit.

By this article, I do not recommend a method to repair brand-name products any place other than a shop.
I comment on the reason with a matter in detail.

Let's stop that I repair it any place other than a shop

The method that must not do repair _

It conveyed that it did not recommend it to repair brand-name products any place other than a shop.
"It is cheap, and why is it to have a repair method widely?" 」
The reason is following two.

  • I cannot repair it even once in a regular shop when I repair it in menders
  • Value may fall depending on a repair method

I comment on each reason in detail.

I cannot repair it even once in a regular shop when I repair it in menders

It is not possible when I repair brand-name products in menders even once even if I want the subsequent repair to be a regular shop. This is because each brand regards company's value and quality as important. It is the outcome of the feeling, "only oneself guarantee the best quality as for the product of the house brand".

"I want you to repair the next in a regular shop once though I repaired it"
In fact, such a case is a well possible thing.

For example, you use the wallet of Chanel who got it from an important person, and let's do it when only the part of the fastener has ached.
In and because "is only a fastener, want to finish it cheaply general menders thought with family", and started repair in a public repair shop.

A pain, the leather appearance become terrible afterwards by continuing using the wallet. Naturally, as for the leather material identical to a brand, the appearance becomes superficial in the repair shop because there is not it.

Because "it is the wallet which I got from an important person, I want to use it neatly till the last"…」
A repair shop cannot repair it once in the regular shop even if I think to have I think so and repair it in a regular shop because I start it. You should stop starting it easily in a repair shop except the direct management to have had said in this way. As for the brand-name products in particular, there are a great many cases to treat carefully till the last including the hand-me-downs which do not control the present from an important person, a parent.

Value may fall depending on a repair method

The repair in the brand regular shop continues including specialized repair center, and, in the case of a general repair shop, all is entrusted to an arm of the craftsman of the shop.

Of the craftsman who asked for repair when is inexperienced, is sloppy; will be finished.

In addition, it becomes a big negative effect when I do choice to have you buy such sloppy finish in future.

What I ascertain whether you repaired it in a general shop is easy whether the professional valuer repaired it in a regular shop.
The purchase price will largely fall if it comes out to have repaired in a general shop.

There are a copy product and the risk not to have I am doubted and buy it in the worst case.

Therefore I do not recommend that I entrust a general repair shop for an easy reason to be cheap.
I will feel what a big risk hides behind in on the back of the big merit.

The choice that a method to repair in a shop is the smartest!

Repair _ recommended method

It had a demerit to repair in the general repair shop except the shop and told you about what I did not recommend.
It may be said that it is the smartest choice となると, after all to repair in a shop.

The reason is because there are two following merits to repair in a shop.

  • I can repair it after repair immediately in a shop even if it broke down (free in some cases)
  • I can keep the value of the product by repairing it in a shop

After repair, I can repair it immediately even if it broke down

When the same point of the product which returned breaks down after repair again in a shop, I can have you repair it again free.

When it is a general repair shop, I do not go in this way. The money will be demanded again even if I claim, "the same place was broken".

But, please warn him when other points have broken down for self-circumstances because you are not free.

The shop looks at the places where I deteriorate other than the point where oneself wants you to repair it and may repair it in a mass.
Therefore it will be hard to think about the case "that other points that deteriorated broke down".

I can keep the value of the product by repairing it in a shop

When I want to use purchase service when "I want to trade in it for a new product", a difference is more likely to open with a purchase amount of money with a product and the thing which is not so repaired in a shop.

I repair the shop in specialized repair center, and I order pure material, and the craftsman with the technique deals with repair.

Therefore guarantees of quality are enough, and the finish will become clean as well as a new article, too. Even if a professional valuer watches the repaired product, it is judged from pure material and the technique of the craftsman as the good thing which is in a state.

Of course it will be good to just use it. A bag or the wallet with the contemplation in particular want to continue lasting neatly all the time. I recommend that I give the product with special thought to repair in a shop and continue using it neatly.

The repair of brand-name products will get an estimate of the repair in a shop

Chanel _ Vuitton _ repair method _ commentary _ summary

It is recommended to repair the repair of brand-name products in a shop.
When we repair it in a shop, let's get an estimate of the repair beforehand.

I conveyed the point where oneself wanted you to repair it, and the estimate of the repair really expressed the other place where how much rate suffered from.

The estimate can have you decide to send it on repair on the spot.
Take a product; to the store staff if "repair it, how much rate does it become?" I will ask と.

I introduce Chanel, information about the repair of Vuitton in the following.


The products targeted for repair in Chanel are as follows. (in the case of an on-line service)

  1. Handbag
  2. Leather accessory
  3. Shoes
  4. Costume jewelry
  5. Watch
  6. Eyewear (the thing which I changed for the lens with the degree is excluded)
  7. Fine jewelry
  8. With other Chanel products, Chanel judged it to be the object of this service

The flows before a repair product arriving from the reception desk are as follows.

  1. Repair reception desk
  2. Repair product custody
  3. Communication of the estimate / delivery date
  4. Repair start
  5. Communication of the repair completion
  6. Repair product notice

Because it is necessary to deliver a repair product beforehand when I estimate it by an on-line service, please be careful.
After an estimate, it is necessary to pay delivery charges when it becomes when I cancel it.

Communication comes at the stage when an estimate established the repair expense. Therefore it becomes the repair start if I consent and, in the case of a repair product notice, pays the payment.

Louis Vuitton

The Vuitton repair object is accessories such as a bag and a wallet, the clock.
I will have I really take the repair contents in various one to a store and look.

The application method

  • I take it to a store
  • I send it by mail


When you send it by mail, please call for a customer service by all means.

About the expense that it costs for repair, I do not understand it without estimating it.
Because a rate may rise according to the degree of the wound, please be decided after estimating it by all means.