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The Chanel chain bag is now a staple item of overseas celebrities and models,and many women will have a longing for fashion snaps.However, there are various kinds of chain bags, such as"what should I choose?" and " what should I choose?".It is also a good idea to make sure that you have a good time.


So in this article, we will introduce 11 choices of recommended Chanel chain bags.We also explained the characteristics of each bag and recommended points.

The history of Chanel chain bags

The history of Chanel, which has established itself as a high-end brand, dates back about 100 years.

The origin of Chanel was a small hat shop "Chanel mode".

Hats that were well-known to women are sold again, and after that it does not remain only a hat.

We will devote ourselves to the design of clothes, expand the store, and develop the"No°5" perfume that represents Chanel.

The shoulder bag to be introduced this time is also one of them. 1 す

The shoulder bag was born in 1929.

At that time, women's bags were only handbags, and both hands were blocked, or they were misplaced somewhere, which was inconvenient.

Many women have these troubles, and Coco Chanel was one of them.

So she devised a bag that could be worn over the shoulder with a strap.

This bag is the shoulder bag of the present.

Now it is not a strap, but a chain bag.

Currently, shoulder-type bags are often found in brands other than Chanel, but it is also said that the origin of all shoulder bags that Chanel invented.

From the shoulder bag to the chain bag has been redesigned, and now it has become a staple item of overseas celebrities and fashion models, it is thought that it is a bag that many women yearn for.

The model line of Chanel chain bags is famous for its matrasche.

Matrasse is the design of the chain bag and wallet, it is characteristic that it has a lattice shape of the diamond type.

As the French word means"plump", the look is bulging, it is a design that feels heavy.

11 Chanel chain bags

A Chanel chain bag that many women yearn for.We will introduce 11 bags that are particularly recommended among them.

From bags that can be used for everyday use, to bags that can be used when packing luggage on a trip etc., so please find a bag that suits you.

Gabrielle de Chanel chain rucksack

Gabrielle de Chanel chain rucksack

It is a rucksack type of chain bag.

Unlike the shoulder bag, it is characteristic that a lot of luggage enters.

Originally, speaking of rucksack is a casual impression, but the rucksack of Chanel uses leather material, and produces a sense of luxury.

The width of the vertical and horizontal is about 20cm and the sense of size is also just right, for commuting and school, you can enjoy the fashionable even if you match the casual wear.

Since the base part of the bottom has become firmly stable, there is no worry that it will fall and get dirty when you put the rucksack.

Minimalist trusses single flap chain shoulder bag

Minimalist trusses single flap chain shoulder bag

It is no exaggeration to say that matrasse is the most famous chain bag.

The plump design of the matrasse gives a feminine impression.

Minimatrasset is a mattrasset of less than 20 centimeters in width, and it is characterized by a small size.

It is smaller and less storage than the usual matrasse, but you can store it well if you put a pouch or a wallet.

It can be used for a long time because it is active as an accent for a little outing and everyday wear.

[Silver] cocomark chain shoulder bag

Coco, mark, chain, shoulder bag.

The surface of the bag is a shoulder bag composed of a whole body silver.

Silver gloss gives you an elegant atmosphere like a high brand.

It's a characteristic feature of the surface.Coco, mark.

It is a mark that can be seen with Chanel in one glance, it is sure to attract people around.

There are 3 pockets on the inside of the bag, so there is no storage problem.

It is also good to use according to everyday wear,it is also recommended to use in a dress-like place.

Cocomark chain handbags

Coco, mark, chain, handbag.

The Chanel bag, shoulder bag is listed as a typical item, but handbags are also available in a variety of cute items.
How about choosing a handbag to differentiate you from your surroundings?


It is more storage than a shoulder bag, so you can use it in a wide range of scenes.
For example, it may be a little stressful because the storage space is too small for a shoulder bag to go out on a trip.
A handbag can be a great addition to your trip, so you can be stress-free.


Not only the application but also the design of the appearance is simple yet feel the luxury.
It is impressive Koko mark of silver metal fittings.

[Beige] matraxe single flap chain shoulder bag

Matraxé single flap chain shoulder bag beige

The single flap chain type of mattrasse is a very easy-to-use bag.

Since the chain is a single type, the flashiness of the appearance is reduced a little,and it is recommended for those who like a simple design.

The chain also uses gold while simple, does not diminish the luxury.


Beige is a color that is easy to match, so it becomes an accent of various coordination.

It is also good to match the dress-like coordination.

Matarazzo co-branded CC Mark Long wallet clutch bag

Mattrasse _ ココマーク _CC Mark _ Long wallet _ clutch bag

You can remove the chain and use it as a clutch bag.、Long walletIt is a versatile bag that can also be used as a backpack.Of course, it can also be used as a shoulder bag, so it is recommended for those who want to use various ways.


Since the zipper part is divided into 2 pieces, it is convenient, such as dividing the bill and the card when you use it as a long wallet.It looks simple and will be active in various situations.

Camellia V-stitched single flap chain shoulder bag

Camellia V stitch _ single flap chain _ shoulder bag

It is a distinctive bag with a ribbon on the opening and closing part and a floral design on the surface.The simple bag that we have introduced so far is a turning point, and we are focusing our efforts on design.Chanel chain bagIt is popular with a wide range of women, so when you go out to the city, you tend to wear it.

However, if the design is distinctive, it will not suffer quite, it will be a unique impression.I feel that floral patterns also produce femininity.

Even those who like simple fashion, why not try to choose a distinctive design only bag.It becomes an accent, it will surely be a nice chord.

[Emerald green] Matarazzo chain wallet

Mattrasche chain wallet

Chain walletIt is a small size, you can carry it casually when you go out.Emerald greenIt's a great place to stay and it's a great place to stay.

The chain is attached, so it is also attractive that it can be used like a shoulder bag over the shoulder.The opening and closing part is not a zipper but a cover lid type, so the out of and out of money is smooth.

Mattrasse Mademoiselle boring bag

Mattrasse, Mademoiselle, bowling bag.

This is a boring bag with a patent leather gloss.The mattrasche model has a beautiful shine that further enhances the luxury of Chanel.

The bowling bag is an attractive storage space with lots of luggage.If you are traveling, this one bag will be enough.By having a bag with a sense of luxury, it is sure to become a special trip mood also rises.

Mattrasse 2WAY chain shoulder bag

Matrasset_2way_ chain_ shoulder bag

2WAY type of bagYou'll enjoy both a shoulder bag and a handbag that you hold in your hand.It is a nice point that you can use it like rough as a handbag when you go out of shopping, and shoulder bag after shopping.

There is a feeling of gloss on the handle part held by the handLeather materialIt is a design that does not get tired over the details, such as using theIf you have one as a bag that can be used for a long time, it will be active in a wide range of scenes.

[Red] minimalist trusses single flap chain shoulder bag

Minimalist trusses single flap chain shoulder bag red

The red color of the minimatrasset is a bag that is sure to be a coordinating accent.
For example, if you match a strong coordination between the modes based on black tones, the adult-like impression will not fade, and it will be finished in fashionable coordination that makes you feel playful.


Size feeling is small, it will be active in a wide range of scenes.Even if it is small, the Red impact is strong and the presence does not fade.If you have one as a fashionable bag, you can have a width in the daily coordination.


This time, we introduced 11 recommended Chanel chain bags.
All of the bags I introduced were high-quality and high-impact.


Each person has different factors to choose from, such as functional aspects such as storage, color, and design.
It is not a cheap purchase, so please find your favorite bag after you have convinced yourself.

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