The Chanel _ Cambon line _ _ attractive _ introduction which is not old

Though "I want to purchase Cambon line of Chanel, is it not thought that it is already old and is outdated?" 」

Do you who arrived at this article not have such an uneasiness? Because it is 2004 that Cambon line was released, 16 years are before it from the present. Therefore even if I have now…The seeming one will have much と.

However, we do not have to worry. The Cambon line is the immovable popular item which is loved by many women without still changing. By this article, I comment on the charm of the Cambon line thoroughly and comment on the reasons why Cambon line is loved now.

Though "I want to purchase Cambon line, one step courage is not given"

It is unmissable contents for such you.

The Cambon line of Chanel is still popular

Cambon line is the line which Chanel announced in 2004.

It was named for "Cambon Street" of Paris to set up the Chanel Head Office.

Dignified till then, and the bold design which put the here mark that was quilting leather of the matelasse and the symbol of the brand together changed brand image of Chanel of the calm impression.

After it was announced. After an interval of popularity as the downtown was filled with the women with the bag of the Cambon line, have you not seen even the person who did not know a lot about Chanel once?

In such explosive popular Cambon line, "now already old one?" I think that the という opinion is heard.

Because it is a line announced several years before ten, I may think depending on outdatedness "and the person that" is already old.

However, the popular item must be the thing that is no matter how popular so that time passes.

The new work of the Cambon line is not sold, but is proud of immovable popularity as a vintage item now.

Popular reasons will include a design feeling a slightly feminine feminine impression while being high-quality.

Impacts are enough, and the big here mark is understood at first sight when "it is あ, a bag of Chanel".

It is one featuring the numerousness of the color variations.

The here mark reproduces a more refined design in the pink that is bright on the surface of the bag by using a color including stylish black properly.

In fact, the item of Chanel was not rich in color variations until Cambon line was announced.

It is because the color that Coco Chanel who is the founder loved most was black.

Coco Chanel was all in black called "little black dress", and it was big, and "the black overturned a mourning dress" and common sense of the done world till then by having spread a dress with a little decoration, and "a woman changed the black into the image of a color worn stylishly".

The item of Chanel has many monotone colors probably because there is the reluctance of leaving, and "the dignified image that calmed down" will be that purpose.

It renovates an image, and it may be said that it is one of the reasons of the Cambon line popularity to have enriched color variations.

A list of Cambon lines is this

Recommended Cambon line

From here, I will watch recommended Cambon line item. As for the item of the Cambon line, a bag and a wallet, a key case vary. It will be good to unify it at Cambon line, and to enjoy fashion.

Cambon line large tote bag

Cambon line _ large tote bag

This is tote bag of the Cambon line. Storage space is large and, in the case of shopping and slight outing, is available.

What you should pay attention to will be the few sense of quality in other tote bag. I reproduce the design which the here mark approaches to the left not the center and does not insist on too much.

The quilting leather has glossiness, and the luster of adult is felt, and a plump appearance creates the solid feelings of the bag.

Is to be a design not to fall down even if treat metal fittings, and put a bag in the bottom; "a bag falls down, and is somewhat slovenly"…と cannot seem.

A petty person of the inside can avoid scattering.

If even a messenger usually has the bag that sense of quality is felt, nature and the feeling increase. It will be a bag without the loss even if I have one.

Cambon line bowling bag

Cambon line _ bowling bag

The origin of the bowling bag comes from the meaning called the bag of the business to put a bowling ball in according to the name.

I do not put a bowling ball, but am really the thing called the slightly bigger bag that storage space is considerably large.

You should use such a slightly bigger bowling bag for a trip and outing to the distance.

Clothes and cosmetics, a hand mirror, a woman including the skin care products have many belongings and are serious.

All the baggage to take for a trip and outing to the distance can receive a bowling bag.

There cannot be the thing to be already tired before a trip having two bags.

The difference with other big bags is a special feeling as the bags of Chanel.

The trip to go for with a bag full of the sense of quality of the Cambon line will be sure to get that it surely becomes the special memory.

Cambon line mini-handbag

Cambon line _ mini-handbag

The smallish bag which does not disturb usual outing, the shopping with the friend as much as possible is preferable.

How about this mini-handbag in such a case?

A mini-handbag is 20cm in width, a smallish bag of 13cm in height. I will not be troubled with storing to put carrying, a wallet, cosmetics even if it is said that it is small because it is enough size.

Pretty rectangular form and a monotone color of the black X white create feminine X elegant の image.

By the design which does not interfere with coordinates, it will be matched with a wide fashion.

Cambon line medium tote bag

Cambon line _ medium tote bag

Unlike the large size that I introduced some time ago, this is tote bag of the medium size.

When "it is large size, it is too big, and balance worsens"…How about the という person choosing this medium size?

Because there is height, there cannot be the thing that a file goes out with the file of the A4 size. Because there is a zipper for opening and shutting, baggage does not come to overflow outside.

It is attractive that a function side is substantial, but after all what you should pay attention to is a design.

It may be said that the harmony to be born by putting the color that an appearance is beautiful as for the combination of beige X black, and varies enough in the impact extremely together is fashion and one factor to feel.

Cambon line round fastener long wallet

Cambon line _ round fastener long wallet

I am filled with a design to feel a solid feeling in sense of quality, and, as well as a bag, the long wallets of the Cambon line overflow.

A letter of Chanel is engraved into a silver chain attached to a fastener part and is particular about a small part.

It is not only the outside of the wallet to be particular. When open the fastener; the contents using the pink is cute; is designed.

I let pretty pink peep out whenever I deposit and withdraw the money and will direct the stylish impression with feelings in the monotone.

Because it is a round fastener type, I spill small change, and we do not have to worry to drop a card.

How about choosing the discerning felt wallet such as the Cambon line as a wallet to use habitually for a long time?


How about?

I commented on the charm of the Cambon line of Chanel this time.

"The outdatedness" that "is slow at this time" at the model line which was popular several years before ten is the Cambon line where there is the opinion, but there are not those days and changing thing, and the charm is a model line popular with even now many women.

The one which is the most important by selection of item has good this which oneself has a cute! Please choose him by all means if you think that と has a cute choosing the item which I thought of obediently, Cambon line without minding the circumference.

Surely I may use it as one of your special items.

A list of Cambon lines is this