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A woman's eternal aspidance, Chanel.Chanel, which has a history, is still gaining overwhelming support from adult women.To learn about Chanel's purposeful bags, this time, I would like to introduce you to the "charm of a shanel's fixed bag of your bag".If you want to know about Chanel's fixed bag, please don't use it as a guide.


Bicsell Blanche

Chanel's Beginning

Chanel Hajimari

Chanel dates back to 1909, about 100 years from the date of 2019.Chanel's founder, Coco Chanel, opened a hat shop named "Chanel Mode" after her boyfriend, Boy Carvel, was fined.

This hat shop is about the origin of Chanel.

Coco Chanel's hat, designed by the woman from the city, was very popular, and gradually increased its sales.In 1921, he made a full-fledgent effort to design Western clothing as an auto-cuture designer.

It was Chanel, a popular brand of real estate, but the death of Coco Chanel in 1971 was the first time in the world that sales were unsold.

In the next 10 years, Carluragerfeld became the designer, and Chanel was a popular brand and revived.Even now, Chanel is a brand that is loved by many foreign celebes, fashion models, and entertainers, as a high-brand new brand.

Vintage Chanel's popularity

Vintage Chanel's popularity

In recent years, the popularity of vintage chanel has been remarkably popular, and there are some specialized stores that deal with vintage only.

Vintage Chanel refers to the Chanel bag, which was popular in the 1980s and the 1990s, and was specifically a used for Chanel.In the 1980s to the 1990s, many people had a shanel item during the bubble era.Items that were popular at the time are now being sold as vintage shanels.

But why has vintage Chanel become popular in the last few years?This could include the following factors:

  • It had a big impact on foreign celebrating celebries and models on social networking sites.
  • cheap in price

With the development of social networking sites, everyone can be able to access fashion in foreign celebries and models.Many of you are longing for those who have a strong influence on their own.

If a foreign celebrating or a model has vintage Chanel's items, it would be natural for them to be popular.And the other factor is the cheap price of the price.

The new items are priced at a higher price, so they are not easy to purchase.But if you're vintage, a lot of people want a vintage because you can buy it at a price that's about half the price of a new one.

And the vintage doesn't care about wounds or dirt?You may think, but Chanel's items use excellent materials, so they don't make it feel like they're aging.Two of the factors mentioned above are the factors that have been popular in Vintage Chanel over the past few years.

Chanel's Bash-Bag 5

We will introduce Chanel's purse bag from here.

As Chanel is famous for her bagueritem, you often see a Chanel bag in the city.There are also five features and recommended points of the Chanel Chanel bag.

"I think I'm going to buy a bag, but I'm not sure how much I'm going to do it."

Chanel Matrasse Single Flap Chain Shoulder

Chalder, single flap chain, shoulder chain.

Matrasse is one of the representative bags of Chanel.

In French, he means "puffed" and "bagged," and the surface is puffed up as it is.Matrasse, the origin of the shoulder bag, has been loved for many years as a Chanel ice item.

There are still many women who still love matrasusebags, aren't they?There are three skins in the matrasse that have a different surface material:

  • a cavyskin - > caviar-spacious pattern of bargain
  • Ramskin-The skin of a lamb within a year of life.light and tender
  • Kirfskin: The skin of a calf within six months of life.regarded as the best quality material in the cavity

A simple, easy-to-use single flap chain is one of the most simple and popular products that are also attached to the material of the surface.

Black dough is used to produce a gorgeous atmosphere using ginged gold.It's simple and easy to use, and it has pockets, so it's even more functional as a bag.I'm sorry to go out for a short time and ask for a bag of use.

Chanel Minimatlasse Flap Chain Shoulder

The Flap Chain Shoulder

Mini-Matrasse is a small martse bag with a width of 20 centimeters or less.

I can't store so much stuff because it's a small bag, but I am obsessed with the lovely design of the design.Mini-Matrasse is also rich in color variations, and it is attractive to use it as a fashion index color.

The size is small, so it is too much a claim, and it does not interfere with the coordination.If you have a colorful minimimutlass in a mode fashion, you will have a lovely impression of a woman.

Would it be a good idea to take mini-trasse as an accent if you tend to dress in the usual way of your clothes?

Chanel 2.55. Choco Bar Chain Shoulder

Choco bar chocolders in Choco 2.55

This bag is the standard 2.55 line bag for the shanel bag.

The 2.55 line is characterized by a rectangular design designed by Coco Chanel in February 1955.The origin of the name comes from '55' in '2' 55 years in February, after the date on which it was released.

The 2.55 line is a popular model line for many years, so if you get lost, if you get lost, you'll have to pick the 2.55 line.The Choco bar's kirting is as its name reminds me of the masculine design that reminds me of the characteristic and feminine feminine.There is a sense of glossy and elegant enamel processing, and the elegant atmosphere is drifting.

The 2.55 line Choco bar chocolat, which is not too casual, is a bag that can be recommended to all women regardless of age.

Boyshanel Schoolder

Boyshanel Chain Shoulder

Boyshanel was named after Coco Chanel's boyfriend Boy Carvel's name at the time.

The characteristic of the Boyshanel chain shoulder bag is a rectangular design that makes it attractive for you to make a bow.A stylish look is making a strong sense of premium.

The shining metal chain is one of the factors that makes it look beautiful.

The feminine impression is fading like a matrasse bag, but it gives an elegant impression with a very thin style of stylish.It's a good idea to prefer a style that makes adults feel like the air.

Chanel Cocomark Banity

Chanel Cocomark Vanity

"Vanity" means that in French, "cosmetics" means "makeup".

As you can see, the vanitibag has a wide range of storage space as it looks like a cosmetic box.It's a very charming design with a round, isn't it?

On the front side of the bag is a big coomalk, and the elegant atmosphere is drifting.As the vanitibag is not only a handbag like an image, but also a shoulder type that can be put on the shoulders, let' s choose it for your own taste.


How did you like it?This time, I introduced Chanel's Bag 5 and its attractiveness.The design pursued by Chanel in the long history of 100 years is still being supported by many women.

Would you like to get a bag of Chanel, a woman's eternal adoration, to get a little bit of luxury in your daily life?You might want to pick the vintage Chanel that you introduced this time to say, "The new product might be a little higher and a little bit out of your hand."