Celine _ macadam _ charm

"Celine" who is popular as a global fashion brand.

From Celine item, I approach about the charm of the macadam which became the sale end while it is regretted this time.

It is the macadam that an image to be old, and not to be usable now is held, but popularity is a recurring item among stylish women thinking,, in fact, "I want to just have daringly".

I fully know the charm of the macadam, and how about directing fashion as an accent of something coordinates with the circumference?

The history of the macadam of Celine

Celine who collects support from many women as a global fashion brand.

In 1945 approximately 80 years ago, it was founded now by a husband of Celine ヴィピアナ and ヴィピアナ.

At the time of the establishment of a business, Celine produced high-quality shoes for children and sold it.

A high-quality design, a safe structure were popular and became the brand of the extreme popularity mainly on the upper class layer of Paris.

A high technique of Celine is accepted, and some says, "I want you to make the adult use" from women of the town, and Celine deals with the sale of womens shoes from 1959.

It was with the popular item which a novel design became the reputation as for "the Incaic civilization" of the moccasins which used bit type metal fittings of the harness in a design, and represented Celine.

I enlarge the product except shoes widely without staying naturally and establish the position as the start したりなど fashion brand by pret-a-porter collection in 1967.

However, Celine will greet the slump period from trendy going out of vogue.

French casual) for B.C.B.G( upper classes considered to be the fashion was said to be a pronoun of Celine till then.

The management of Celine begins to decline and will be purchased in group companies "LVMH" of the high brand maximum at the same time as the fashion of B.C.B.G reaches the end.

It is the Celine macadam which it introduces this time not to be exaggeration even if this slump period is called an opportunity to get over.

The macadam is the representative series of Celine whom Michael Kors of the designer announced in 2003, and the meaning of the name is put in a design.

The stone which "macadam type pavement" of the road pavement to spread the stone which I crushed finely called the rubble all crushed with the origin of the name finely is made in the image of a road set at an equal interval.

The design which let you feel personality became the popular item of Celine by reputation.

In 2008, designer Phoebe ファイロ of former Kuroe takes office, and the production of the macadam is canceled because representative current Celine item "ラゲージ bag" was created.

The reason why the popularity of the Celine macadam recurred

It is McAdam that sale was finished while it is regretted by a fan, but popularity recurs in a young generation at only the present more than ten years.

It was now, and why would it become the popular item?

It is because it is said that it is prevalent to wear a vintage item among young generations.

A price is low, and it may be said that it is an acceptable factor in the generation when charm not to fade even if it passes for 20 years for ten years is young than the vintage item is new and purchases it.

The macadam is so-called premium article that sale is finished in a vintage item.

It is a characteristic of a young generation that come to want an item having high rarity.

Therefore popularity of the macadam series is now and recurs.

Recommended Celine macadam

From here, I introduce six bags of recommended Celine macadam.

Because all bags are items full of the charm, please choose him to one's use.

Macadam rucksack / D bag

Macadam _ rucksack _ D bag

The rucksack cannot miss a woman loving a trip and outing to the distance.

Generally, sense of quality drifts if even a rucksack considered to be a casual item is Celine macadam.

The design of the macadam pattern reminds of a quality of 煌 びやかな high brand, and it will be certain that it stays in neighboring eyes.

For the special days such as the trips that are few opportunities, one is the item which wants to last.

Macadam 2WAY handbag

Macadam _2WAY_ handbag

It is a comfort item to be able to have as a shoulder bag from the simple durability 2WAY that the handbag lasts by hand.

"A hand was tired"…If it feels と, I use it as a shoulder bag and can make yourself comfortable, and it will be good I have as a handbag, and to direct the atmosphere like the working woman.

What you should pay attention to is sense of quality leather material of the steering wheel part which there is. Peculiar to leather; is tasteful, and have the glossiness to reflect back when guess illumination right.

How about purchasing your impression one as the item which can greatly change depending on how to use?

The list of handbags of the macadam is >

Macadam PVC leather handbag

Macadam _PVC leather _ handbag

The handbag is the item which is indispensable to a woman playing an active part as a working woman.

The place where such a required item wants to have discerning one.

A leather line and the affinity of the macadam pattern add not only the sense of quality but also the feminine impression like the woman at preeminence.

If it is a man, it is wrong, and there will not be what is pleased with when I give it it as a present of the lovers.

PVC of the macadam
The list of leather handbags is >

Macadam shoulder bag

Macadam _ shoulder bag

All the things necessary for cosmetics porch, a wallet, the outing including the key case are satisfied in a shoulder bag.

Because I can easily carry it just to sprinkle it on a shoulder, one popular with many women does not need to say.

"I want to choose special one simply because it is such a popular shoulder bag"

The shoulder bag of the macadam is recommended in such one.

It may be said that a characteristic design fascinated by and the form of the square are few shoulder bags elsewhere.

If the others are special shoulder bags not to put on, it is macadam 一択.

Of the macadam
The list of shoulder bags is >

Macadam PVC leather shoulder bag

Macadam _PVC leather _ shoulder bag

This shoulder bag has a bigger size than the shoulder bag which mentioned above, and the storing side is substantial.

Therefore I will play an active part in a scene needing much baggage such as the trip.

It features slim cylinder-shaped form and is the bag which is good to the one that wants to create an individual impression.

How about the bag choosing the individual thing if I give glory to a memory on a special day?

PVC of the macadam
The list of shoulder bags is >

Macadam Boston bag

Macadam _ Boston bag

The attendant of a trip and the business trip is a Boston bag.

The shoulder bag which the above introduced is wonderful, but the thing which I can put away may be limited because it is characteristic form.

If it is a purpose to put away many things, a Boston bag is recommended.

Because the width of length and breadth is wide, I enter smoothly without the clothes becoming the wrinkle and may receive the slightly bigger items such as a pillow or the blanket of the business during movement.

Although the appearance is simple, I let you feel the charm of adult with a high-quality texture.

Logo mark of Celine is garnished the center with and will understand that it is a high brand at first sight.

How about the trip and business trip with many opportunities going out with a special Boston bag?

Of the macadam
The list of Boston bags is >


How about?

I commented on the secret that the history and the popularity of the Celine macadam recurred this time.

A macadam is an item having high rarity that is not sold now.

してみてはいかががでしょうか where the bag of the other celebrity high brand is attractive, I choose a bag not to put on with another person like a macadam and pull charm only for you and am.

The list of macadams of Celine is >