Lorex watch

The rolex (ROLEX) is the world's recognized utility clock king.Now, if you hear a high-end watch, you don't think it's a lot of rolex, right?

In the Ladies' watch, Rolex is a popular brand that is popular with Cartier and is a popular brand.But the image of a man's wristwatch, for the life of a man, may not be imaginative of a woman's clock.

What models do you have at the Ladies' Lorex as a "Rorex Super-Getting Started story" for women?And what models are popular now?and so on.

You should consider this article as a reference to a woman who is lost to what models to buy.

Rorex-Ladies model

Lolex-Ladies model

Here, in the Rolex,Six models of Redesse.I'll introduce you.The six models to introduce are as follows:

  • Lorex, Oyster, Pecual,
  • Rolex: Deathjast
  • Lorex. Yachtmaster.
  • Lorex Chellini
  • Lorex chameleon
  • Antique Rolex

All of these models have the design and size of the ladies in their sense of design and size.Now, let' s take a look at it in turn.

Lorex, Oyster, Pecual,

The Oysterper Pečal is the diameter model of the Oyster, which was developed in 1926 as the world's first waterproof clock.The Oysterper Pechal was born in 1933.


The name of the model derives from the high waterproofing "Oyster Case" developed in 1926, and the "Perpetual", which means the automatic emaki system developed in 1931.


The current fixed price of the Oyster per Petual is as follows:(As of March 30, 2020)

  • 114300:60, 000 yen
  • 116000:57,000,000 yen
  • 114200:530,000 yen

The Oysterper Pečal is a popular model for the Rolex onset.The reason for the most popular reason is that it is easy to buy one million yen, even though it is easy to buy a million yen ($1 million).


It's also a very popular reason to have a simple design with a simple design.The Oysterper Pechal is a model that is commonly called "non-daite".This makes the literal more clear to you.


It is also known that Oysterper is worn by an entertainer Nakamura Anne and singer aiko.Both of them wear a little larger size, so it may be good for you to use them as a reference.

Rolex: Deathjast

The Daily Jist of Rolex was born in 1945, as a model of the three great inventions of Rolex.In addition to high waterproofness, automatic scrolls, and day-to-date Just-Jast features, the date is instantly switched.


The current fixed price of the Date Jist is as follows:(As of March 30, 2020)

  • 126200:77 million yen
  • 115234G: 910,000 yen
  • 126333:330,000 yen

Daitjust has been a minor league product that has remained in love for about 70 years, repeating the minor changes since its birth.The most reason for this is thata universal design that is unaffected by fashionI know.


Another attraction is the existence of various variations.While the basic design is protected, there are subspecies that have changed color, size, and materials.You'll find your favorite watch with a simple, feature-rich variation.


Many entertainers who love Dayt-JastMisako Yasuda, apples from apples, Hikaru Utada, Tomomisu ITANO, and Tomokuru ITANO.and so on.It is a proof that Daitjast is a universal popularity, and that it is used by many celebrists.

Lorex. Yachtmaster.

The rolex yachtmaster was developed for the wealthy class who enjoys beach resorts such as yachts, as its name shows.It was born in 1992, and has three sizes: Ladies, Boys and Menz.


The current fixed price of a yacht master is as follows:(As of March 30, 2020)

  • 226659:05 million yen
  • 126622:1.27 million
  • 126621:1.53 million yen
  • 126655:289 million yen
  • 116622:110,000 yen
  • 116621:14,000,000 yen
  • 116655:157 million yen
  • 268622:110,000 yen
  • 268621:1.39 million yen.
  • 268655:245 million yen
  • 116680:1.98 million yen
  • 116681:269 million yen
  • 116688:4.61 million yen
  • 116689:5.09 million yen

The yachtmaster is a popular Pearwatch model since the three sizes of Ladies, Boys, and Menz are expanded.In particular, the "rolezium" model is very popular.


The attractiveness of the yacht mastera high level of satisfaction that can be obtained by wearingfor theIt is a proof that the high end line is positioned in the high end of the sports rolex and has a high quality model.


EXILE: Astoria ShirahamaThe yachtmaster is my favorite.The yacht master has finished production of Ladies in 2014, but the size of the current model's Boys is recommended to those who are too great to be able to do so.

Lorex Chellini

Chellini's history is quite old, and its birth dates back to 1928.It is the beginning of the history of cellini, which is based on the assumption that "a gift to a doctor" was made.This cherrynipurinth was restored in 2006 and became a topic in the clock industry.


The current fixed price of a cherrini is as follows:(As of March 30, 2020)

  • 50535:283 million yen
  • 50515:1.89 million yen
  • 50519:1.189 million yen
  • 50509:16,000,000 yen
  • 50525:20,000,000 yen

Cellini is popular as a Rolex that does not seem to be like Lorex.the major reason is Chellini is the orthodox Dreswatchand so on.


For this reason, the materials of many models of Lorex have been used in stainless steel, but Cherrini is used for gold or platinum.The elegant and formal atmosphere is characteristic.Also, since the current model is a waterproof automatic volume, it is not a problem in terms of practicality.


The Rolex CherriniBarack Obama, former president of the United StatesIt is also famous that she is wearing it.The glory of the American president is as good as the president of the United States, and the celebrie watch is the attraction of a model of a cherry.

Lorex chameleon

The chameleon was born in the 1950s, and in the 1960s, it was the anti-crorex that ended in production.There was a hole in the back of the body of the clock, and the name "chameleon" came from being able to change to a variety of colors.


The current price of a chameleon is as follows.(As of March 30, 2020)

  • The Orchid 9303:3:30, 000 yen
  • The Orchid: 2059:29, 000 yen
  • Prešijon 2025:30,000 yen
  • Prešation 2027:30,000 yen

The chameleon is a particularly popular model in the anti-chrorex.The popularity of the chameleon is a design that features a cute little sense of size and colorful colourful tone.


The chameleon is characterized by a wrist straps through the body of the clock, which is the tip of the finger.Therefore, you can easily change your strap depending on your mood, so you can customize it to your preferences.


of an actressNanako MatsushimaYo,Kyōko FukadaThe woman is also known for his love for the chameleon.A chameleon is a model that is worthy of a woman who has beautiful goods like these two.

Antique Rolex

Antique Rolex is a generic term for a model of the Rolex, which is more valuable than the name of a model, but with the higher value of the times.


The history of Lorex dates back to 100 years.In 1905, the company was founded by Virus Dolph & Davis, the forerunner of Rolex, and in 1908, Rolex was created as its own brand.


Of course, many of them are discontinued, and their scarcity value increases over time. The chameleon introduced above is also one of the antique Rolex.


Examples of models called Antique Rolex include the following.

  • chameleon
  • Oyster
  • White gold
  • Yellow Gold
  • Pink gold

The good thing about antique Rolex is that you can feel the times as a whole. Watches made decades ago will naturally show aging, but that becomes the "taste" and creates the atmosphere.


In addition, one of the tastes may be due to individual differences due to the lack of production lines in the old days. It is interesting to see the difference in each individual due to differences in craftsmanship and repairs performed in the process of being handed down to the present day.


Female celebrity with talentAnna SumitaniMr. and others love antique Rolex. It's also good to be attached with antique Rolex which is the only one in the world.


This time the Rolex Super Introductory Edition for Women! So what kind of model is Ladies Rolex? And which model is popular now? Was introduced.


When you hear Rolex, you may think that it is a watch worn by men, but there are actually many models that are perfect for women.


Also, each model has its own personality, so it will be easy to find a watch with a design that suits your taste.


If you're wondering if you should buy a Rolex, consider the models introduced in this article.

Lorex, yachtmaster, roseum, silver.
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Rolex _GMT Master 2_ Black
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