Hermes _ Birkin _ safekeeping method _ commentary

Admiration "Hermes Birkin" of the women who have continued being loved for a long time after it is announced in 1984 of the world
It is Birkin who is a high-quality article, but, in fact, is the leather material which is easy to go bad.
Therefore the daily care is very important; until when let's know a care method and the safekeeping method so that is continued using neatly for a long time.

I introduce a safekeeping method to keep a symptom example of the common hurt of Birkin and measures method, a much more beautiful state this time.
Please refer to the one to want to let your other Birkin last a long time.

Characteristic of Hermes Birkin

Hermes _ Birkin _ characteristic

The Hermes founded in France as a high-quality harness shop in 1837 is the brand which many women long for now.
Speaking of Hermes, a bag such as Kelly and Birkin is famous.
By this article, I will look about Birkin in detail.

Storing characteristics are high in Birkin and are the bag that sense of quality is felt by an elegant appearance.
It was an event by airplane which there was when President then Hermes got on that Birkin was a chance to be born.

At the time of 1984 when Birkin was announced, the president Jean Louis Dumas = Hermes becomes side by side with Jane Birkin of the actress accidentally at the seat of the airplane for the Hermes fifth generation.

The baggage which overflowed almost checkmated it and could load the light purple basket which Birkin had and suggested it when President Hermes who watched it "wanted to present the bag which your baggage entered all".
And what was announced add a storing side widely and "is bag Birkin" whom much baggage came to enter.
The brand name came to be called Birkin from her name.

Various devices are taken so that a lot of baggage receives it to Birkin.

  • In the structure that the bag inside does not have a partition
  • Even if let a lot of baggage, cannot get tired; is strong made
  • クロア (belt part) where a bag is closed well

The feelings that are not など, the big bag which can take the storing widely simply are felt.

Charm of Birkin is not only a storing aspect. The design full of the sense of quality may be called one of the factor to become the admiration of women of the world.

Size development is enriched to be usable as a fashion item and can choose the size of the bag to various uses.
It is attractive one that the abundant color variations are loved by many women of the feminine pink or the bright light blue.

By the way, can there not be the thing to be Birkin with full of such charm, to have ached when I had been using it for a long time?
It is natural, too and uses a good-quality leather material for Birkin of the Hermes and is inferior to synthetic leather and a bag using PVC in the durability by all means.

However, it is a shame that I give it up by the reason of the durability being low when "there is no help for it as for aching".
It is the thing which I want to use for a long time simply because it is not at all a cheap item. From the next clause, I introduce measures and the measures method for the symptom with the common symptom example that Birkin goes bad in addition.

Birkin has gone bad! A symptom example and measures

Birkin _ wound _ measures

Birkin is apt to be inferior to a bag made with synthetic leather in a good-quality leather material, the durability.
I will watch common symptom and measures, measures method of such Birkin.
Please deal with the one that Birkin goes bad with measures immediately now.

The surface and wound of the corner

The surface and a corner part rub by all means when they use Birkin in daily life. When I put a bag, a bag rubbed in various scenes including time when I came into contact with a person in a crowded train and was damaged before I knew it! A thing is a common thing what.

It is the quickest measures method that take, but cannot recommend this method to a repair shop making a specialty of it if I want to restore it neatly because the scratch is not the thing which can take care of 拭 いたりなどで. When it is damaged, let's ask Hermes for direct repair.
The Hermes lets the menthene Nance facilities by the craftsman to have in-house have 充備 and recommends that I receive measures in Hermes when there was anything to a product again.
I can give repair any place other than Hermes, but let's ask Hermes Corporation for repair because there is a possibility that I can lose the value as the genuine article by any chance.

I usually use it carefully to rub it, and to get rid of a wound if possible. It is simply this.
For example, I put it to the rack not to come into contact with the person of the circumference in the train and avoid contact and put it in the place flat as possible when I put a bag, and there are many measures that I can practice now.

Because it is the bag of the high-quality article, I want to use it carefully to be able to have for a long time. I am conscious, and, please wrestle.

Getting out of shape to stop by to pack it too much of the baggage

Does Birkin not pack baggage more than required too much because a lot of baggage enters?
As for what cause the getting out of shape, it does not need to be said that I pack much baggage too much although I am no matter how superior in storing. The one that has already lost shape, please give the following treatment.

  • I pad it and air it

I can keep the form of the bags such as cushions with the filling. I hang it at a good place of the ventilation, and let's air it while keeping the form of the bag. It becomes the prevention of getting out of shape of the shoulder strap by hanging it, and airing it.

At this chance it will stop it impossible restoration by a self-judgment promoting humidity retention with commercial cream and to maintain. Hermes company recommends the maintenance by the craftsman to have in-house as having told you about even a foregoing paragraph. When I want to give some measures by too outstanding getting out of shape, I will refer to Hermes Corporation.

What I am usually conscious of to avoid getting out of shape does not pack a bag with a lot of baggage. Let's avoid packing anything more than required too much when I enter. I use other bags, and, please do quantity of the baggage that Birkin becomes full.

And the dry care is important, too. Let's try to keep it if possible at a good place of the ventilation. On a day and the humid day when it rained, I wipe off moisture after use and do it, and, please prevent drying.

A change of color and color sweat by the mold

In fact, I have characteristic that mold is easy to grow to the leather products of the Hermes.
It is because animal protein is included in leather.

A safekeeping method is the most important as possible to prevent mold from growing. Let's avoid the safekeeping at a humid place by all means.

When mold has already grown, please practice the following measures.

  1. I remove dirts with a wet towel
  2. I drop mold with an exclusive brush and the dry cloth which do not injure leather
  3. I hang it at a good place of the ventilation and air it

It is the most important that I avoid moisture to protect a bag from mold. When we usually keep it in closets, I leave a closet open regularly to miss moisture and do it, and let's find the ventilation.

It is effective to put a desiccant in the storage area.

Right safekeeping method of Birkin to protect from hurt

The _ safekeeping method that Birkin _ is right

I commented on measures method when a bag had ached by a trouble such as getting out of shape of Birkin, mold growing in the foregoing paragraph. It is that a safekeeping method is the most important to protect Birkin from hurt that I generalize it and can say.
Here, I introduce two right safekeeping methods of Birkin. I keep it definitely, and let's make Birkin an item usable for a long time.

I am careful about the storage area

A storage area is the most important to avoid mold and a change of color. Those troubles are because they are caused by influence to receive from moisture and drying, fresh air including the direct rays of the sun.
In other words I can evade the troubles such as mold or the change of color if careful about the storage area. The points to choose the storage area are as follows.

  • The direct rays of the sun is avoided
  • I can secure breathability
  • Moisture is avoided

It is thought that there is much one kept in a closet, but, in that case, I throw a closet open regularly and find the ventilation, and let's do it mainly.

I put a buffer material in a bag and prevent getting out of shape

It is effective I put the fillings such as buffer materials in a bag, and to keep form to prevent getting out of shape.
Not a buffer material, I will be just enough for "even a contained cushion and the bean jam" filled with in a bag at the time of the purchase.
I round newspaper and can substitute it, but I wrap it in white paper from the top and do it, and, please take measures because ink shifts are possible.


Hermes _ Birkin _ safekeeping method _ commentary _ summary

How about?
This time I explained in detail how to store Hermes Birkin. Hermès Birkin is a delicate item because it uses high-quality leather material. Therefore, it can be said that daily care is very important.

If you have already been hurt, please try the treatment method of another symptom introduced this time. Let's try to take careful care so that you can fully demonstrate the charm of Birkin, which is a luxury item.